Well what a lovely month it has been! September has been filled with some good stuff, most of all our holiday to Brighton…

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I also did my Reiki course, practiced some self reflection and had a great blogger meet up, in fact I met up with 4 other bloggers this month which was great :-)

I’ve did really well against the goals I set myself at the start of the month, the IIN course is going really well and things with the business are progressing steadily.

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I also blogged a couple of lovely recipes for Amaretto Stone Fruit Crumble and Harissa Spiced Chickpeas and Courgettes with Lemon Tahini Sauce as well as some info on blending coffee with a fat source such as coconut oil or tinned coconut milk. And I can’t forget to mention my vlog with my top organisation tips!

I have another little vlog for you today with my September favourites, if you watch until the end I also have a little thank you message for all you lovely readers :-)

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Now that autumn is in full swing I’m looking forward to really enjoying all it has to offer! I’m hoping that I might be able to pick up some good autumn produce from the farm shop and market this week and of course I can not wait until Halloween, bring on the pumpkin :-)

My goals for this month include:

  • Really focus on getting my diet back on track – I have a few issues that need addressing and nutrition is the place to start!
  • Make a start on getting our living room decorated
  • Meditate more
  • Start saving for Christmas
  • Continue studying hard on my nutrition course, making progress with my business stuff and journaling

I have several issues that I really want to get sorted in October via better nutrition. First of all I’ve been experiencing some problems which I think are linked with stressed adrenals. The fact that my periods are still MIA even though I have gained a considerable amount of weight back (plus more since Brighton) alongside some other symptoms of stress indicate to me that I need to make some changes. I’ve blogged about how sugar makes me feel before and I really need to reduce it down as well as my coffee intake. I only drink 1 mug of coffee a day but I feel really jittery when I do have it so I’m going to have to really reduce it unfortunately. Meditating more often should also help reducing stress. I also feel like I’ve lost the rhythm I had going back in May / June time with my eats and since I’ve had holidays and birthdays and I’d like to get that back!

We would also like to start making progress with getting our living room decorated while also trying to save some money for Christmas (not quite sure how I’m going to tackle that one!) as well as keeping up the momentum with everything else I have going on too!

October Sponsors

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How was September for you? What are you looking forward to the most about October?