Can you believe it is Friday already? How many of you have been buying things today for Black Friday? It seems that the US busiest shopping day has been transported across the ocean as quite a lot of UK websites are offering discounts. I have been having a look, but no purchases by me… so far!

This week I have really enjoyed some lovely food, especially working my way through some full fat coconut milk I had stored in a jar in the fridge. I had some poured over carrot cake porridge based on my old Carrot, Coconut and Raisin Porridge:

Photo 22-11-2012 06 43 26

I used a pack of Nakd Lime Raisins and poured coconut milk on top, yum! I’ve also had it with tinned pumpkin and fresh raspberries:

PicMonkey Collage

Simple and delicious!

For breakfast one morning I had an omelette filled with goats cheese plus a dollop of naturally sweetened strawberry jam:

Photo 20-11-2012 08 11 36

Love the jam and cheese combo! I also tried some organic Wensleydale cheese with a chopped apple from the farm shop as a snack:

Photo 22-11-2012 16 01 05

I really enjoyed a trip up to the farm again and stocked up on these huge organic apples, lots of other veggies, locally made cheese, sausages and beef.

Photo 22-11-2012 17 53 46

Last night I enjoyed a really tasty meal of baked salmon, sweet potato and broccoli and purple kale stir fried in coconut oil. The salmon was out of this world delicious because it was actually caught by the partner of a friend from work, talk about knowing where your food is coming from! It was amazing and so full of flavour.

Oh and I can’t forget to add this amazing New York Pretzel Dark Chocolate:

Photo 21-11-2012 18 14 22

I bought this from Liberty when I was in London a few weeks ago, it is utterly gorgeous, sweet and salty heaven!

I was glad to get back to some more consistent workouts this week after a couple of weeks of a more erratic schedule:

  • Saturday: REST
  • Sunday: Spin Class + Kettlecise Class
  • Monday: Yoga class (one on one)
  • Tuesday: REST
  • Wednesday: Gym workout – 5 min cross trainer warm up then squats / chest presses / rows x 3 deadlifts / shoulder presses / bicycle crunches x 3 lunges / bicep curls / full sit ups x 3 (20 reps each using 14lb – 50lb bar) 10 minutes bike
  • Thursday: Gym workout – 10 minutes on each – cross trainer, treadmill, step machine, bike doing 1:1 minute intervals finishing up with a plank and side planks
  • Friday: Gym workout – repeat of Wednesday

I missed Body Pump on Tuesday with working late and had planned on doing a DVD before work but I was not feeling it one bit so decided to give myself that day off. Definitely the right call, I was aching all over from Yoga!

On the Love List this week…

PicMonkey Collage1Everything stops for tea’ framed print: TX Maxx, brightly coloured round cushions: TX Maxx, Eames style desk chair: eBay

Has to be the decorating! I am in love with the accessories I’ve found such as the ones above. We are making such good progress but I think having everything *perfect* before Christmas was pushing it a bit. I’m going to give myself more time to find the items I want so if that means it’s January before I can really consider it done so be it :-) Also…

Learning about traditional diets in my IIN course, intriguing stuff! // making significant progress with a lot of my businesses, soon I’ll be able to spill the beans and explain it all to you guys! // James buying me dark chocolate ‘just because’ // my new desk at home, well all the new stuff at home really!

Some Black Friday discounts I’ve noticed that you might like:

Black Friday Special

In case you missed it:

How has your week been? What’s on your Love List?

I have a mega busy weekend ahead as tomorrow I am delivering a healthy eating session with some young people! Very excited about it, but its a lot more young people than I’ve worked with before so fingers crossed it will all work out! Wish me luck ;-)

Any exciting plans for the weekend? Have a good one!