Hello everyone, hope you are enjoying your Sunday! I’ve had a great day so far, I hit the gym for spinning and kettlecise this morning and then I’ve cleaned the flat and did some more decorating by hanging my picture display:

Photo 25-11-2012 13 41 50

I’ve been pinning loads of images of picture displays like this and I love how mine has turned out! I used a mix of clip frames, plain black frames, vintage frames I’ve picked up from charity shops and a lovely bright frame from Urban Outfitters. I’m so pleased with it!

Yesterday I was working delivering some healthy eating activities with young people. I was at Asda for 7.30 to get supplies then went and did some work in my office before heading to the community centre for the session running from 12 – 5. The young people were also doing some team building activities, but we managed to make lentil soup, wholemeal wraps, yoghurt with fruit and granola, oaty cookies and hot chocolate. I thought the soup and hot chocolate would be much appreciated on such a cold day! The session went really well, and was the first session delivered as part of my new community business so it was very exciting as well as being a little stressful!

I think in part due to being a bit stressed and also because something else happened yesterday that made me full of self doubt I had a pretty bad food day. I did start well with some apple and sweet mince meat oats topped with full fat yoghurt for breakfast:

Photo 24-11-2012 06 50 07

Sweet mince pie oats have to be one of the most delicious combos at this time of year! Other than that I ate so randomly and so much – it ended with me eating nut butters and marshmallow fluff from the jar standing up in the kitchen and me feeling sick. But, as my best friend reminded me, its not the end of the world, I know why I ate like that and well, shit happens!

This morning I was feeling much better and had the usual green juice (celery, cucumber, ginger, lemon) and blended coffee with coconut oil before the gym:

PicMonkey Collage3

Then scrambled farm eggs, avocado and a chopped apple after the gym:

Photo 25-11-2012 11 26 18

For Sunday lunch I roasted a beautiful organic chicken with some butter to make the skin crispy. James took all the meat off it and then I set about making some chicken bone broth:

Photo 25-11-2012 14 12 25

I think its only right to make use of as much of the animal as possible and I’ve been reading more about traditional diets (not exactly paleo or primal) after a lecture with IIN and the benefits of bone broth has been mentioned a few times so I thought I’d try it. I added the fat from the pan, chicken carcass, carrots, onion, celery, broccoli stalk and dried thyme, sage and rosemary. Its simmering away right now. I’m going to simmer it for as long as possible and then strain the bones and veg and use the broth as a soup base or soup in itself.

For lunch I had some of the chicken with butternut squash I’d roasted with the chicken fat in the pan, roast brussel sprouts and steamed broccoli:

Photo 25-11-2012 14 38 06

And now I’m stuffed!

How has your weekend been? Do you ever stress eat? It’s something that I have been much better with recently but every so often it catches me off guard. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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