Happy Friday! Have you had a good week? Mine has been good but super busy, so I’m welcoming the weekend with open arms. I do have today off though so that is a big bonus!

As I mentioned in my favourites vlog I have been enjoying this Woodland Dairy Sheep milk this week:

Photo 30-10-2012 15 57 33

I’ve been eating it mixed with semi frozen berries or a chopped pear for tasty desserts, yum! Have you tried sheep milk before?

I’ve also been enjoying the usual omelettes with red onion and goats cheese:

Photo 31-10-2012 17 52 37

I seriously can’t get enough goats cheese right now! I also made an incredibly tasty dinner last night with a bag of reduced brussel sprouts I picked up for 30p:

Photo 01-11-2012 17 56 20

I sliced them up and stir fried in coconut oil with red onion and a diced up baked sweet potato then topped it off with a fried egg. It was delish! So happy it is brussel sprout season again!

Despite the colder weather I have fancied a couple of smoothies for breakfast:

Photo 01-11-2012 06 29 21

Cherry vanilla smoothie with a pinch of pink salt and a skinny courgette, cranberry and pistachio muffin (recipe coming soon) warmed up and topped with almond butter. Those muffins really are the bomb! I also had a classic green smoothie:

Photo 31-10-2012 09 15 32

Spinach, pear, Life’s Basics Unsweetened Vanilla Protein Powder, un sweetened almond milk topped with caramelised pumpkin seeds.

Work outs this week:

  • Saturday – REST
  • Sunday – 30 minutes cardio on cross trainer, step machine, bike, Kettlecise class
  • Monday – Forest Yoga class
  • Tuesday – 30 minutes cardio on cross trainer, step machine, bike, Body Pump class
  • Wednesday – 40 minutes cardio – cross trainer, step machine, treadmill, bike, finished off with a plank
  • Thursday – 10 min warm up on cross trainer, strength training workout 2, 10 min HIIT on bike
  • Friday – REST

After feeling pretty burned out by Wednesday last week, this week I decided to lay off the strength for a 4th consecutive day and instead just did some cardio. I made up a fun Halloween playlist and just worked up a nice a sweat including a little run on the treadmill again. It is nice to know I can still run, if only for 10 minutes!

On the Love List this week…

Photo 01-11-2012 12 21 49

I got my favourite apples from  Lidl – Honey Crunch! They are so delicious and massive, I’m going to enjoy eating them! Also notice the huge persimmon I bought on a 3 for 99p deal. Also…

This post on House of Humble about ‘stuff’ – it completely sums up how I feel about ‘things’ // and kind of linked to that, chucking out rubbish – I’ve had a big de clutter both at home and in the office ready for project decorate / pinning ideas for project decorate // James chopping his beard off and sporting a Freddie Mercury style moustache for Movember – although I am missing his usual full on beard! // This beautiful home // productive and exciting work meetings

In case you missed it:

So excited about having a fun ‘me’ day today, I’ve got an appointment to get my hair done and I’m heading to the farmers market, Ikea and other shops and seeing my best friend then having a relaxing evening with James – and his tache :-)

What on your love list this week? Do you have any plans for the weekend? It seems that every month I look forward to new produce coming into season, I really am a seasonal eater! I was quite excited about eating parsnips last week, those apples and brussels this week and I can’t wait to buy some swede and russet apples soon! Is there anything in particular you are looking forward to?