Hello guys, happy Friday! Hope your week has been good and you have lots to look forward to at the weekend. My week has been a little hectic and much affected by the flooding at the start of the week and the cold at the end of the week! Other than that it has been pretty much the usual, with some decent eats of course…PicMonkey Collage

Blueberry chocolate protein ice cream topped with full fat coconut milk, rice cakes x 3 with tahini and honey, almond butter and maple syrup, cashew butter and strawberry jam, butternut smoothie topped with pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries and tahini, porridge made with jumbo oats, a chopped apple, peanut flour and caramel sauce with a sprinkle of sea salt (NOM!), salad with roast chicken, avocado and balsamic vinegar, sliced persimmon and raw fudgy protein bar

We have also been adding a few more finishing touches to our flat decorating project and I’ve been trying to work in exercise as usual around all of that…

  • Saturday: REST- if you don’t count running round after young people exercise ;-)
  • Sunday: Spin Class + Kettlecise Class
  • Monday: REST
  • Tuesday: Cardio in gym – 45 minutes on machines, Body Pump class
  • Wednesday: Gym – 50 minutes cardio HIIT on machines – cross trainer, rowing machine, treadmill, bike, step machine
  • Thursday: 20 minutes of yoga at home doing my own thing
  • Friday: Gym workout – 5 min cross trainer warm up then squats / chest presses / rows x 3 deadlifts / shoulder presses / bicycle crunches x 3 lunges / bicep curls / full sit ups x 3 (20 reps each using 14lb – 50lb bar) 10 minutes bike

I missed Monday’s yoga class due to the floods and only had time to fit in a little bit of self practice on Thursday morning. I practiced my inversions against the wall again, I’m definitely gaining confidence!

This morning I did a quick grocery shop. I like to share these with you occasionally as I know I find it really interesting what other people buy so hopefully you do too!

Photo 30-11-2012 09 06 08Flahavan’s Irish Organic Jumbo Oats (on offer), Scottish oats, corn thins x 2 (on offer), tomato passata x 3, Yeo Valley organic yoghurt in strawberry for James x 2 and plain full fat for me x 2 (on offer), Calin Cherry Vit D Yoghurts (purchased with voucher for review purposes), skimmed milk, crushed ice, pepperoni pizza

Photo 30-11-2012 09 06 46Mushrooms, frozen berries, frozen cherries, frozen raspberries, frozen soya beans, basics hummus, cooked beetroot, cucumber, two chicks liquid egg whites (on offer), kale, broccoli, little gem and red oak lettuce

I noticed quite a few things on offer, interesting considering that supermarkets now have to make sure that promotions and special offers are fair.

On the Love List this week….

Photo 29-11-2012 20 13 49

I don’t often buy magazines now days but I love getting a couple of December editions for the Christmas gift guides and the Christmas fashion! I also noticed that both of these magazines featured similar articles around body image and weight. ‘Stop telling me I should hate my body’ (Marie Clare p154) and Why do we want to be thinner’ (Elle UK p207) are both great reads in my opinion, and I have to say I actually feel like they have really had quite a positive impact on me.

However, I do find articles such as these slightly at odds with the rest of the content of the magazine – page after page of photoshopped, thin models. Its like they are giving us mixed messages. I rarely feel bad looking in magazines now because I never ever compare myself to the models within them and see them as an artistic expression of perhaps a small number of people’s personal aesthetics, however I do find this kind of thing a little hypocritical. What do you think? Also…

working from my new desk at home // making some progress with Christmas shopping // buying our Christmas tree // anticipating the weekend ahead // hilarious twitter messages from my best friend // positive and productive business meetings with inspiring and motivating people // purchasing more knit ware for the cold days ahead

In case you missed it: 

The winner of the Zalando Voucher GIVEAWAY is Lauren from Powered by Peanut Butter! Lauren, can you send me an email and I’ll get your voucher sorted out! (chosen via Random.org)

What’s on your Love List this week?  My weekend is going to be very Christmassy indeed with shopping and putting the tree up! What do you have planned for the weekend? Have you ever read a magazine article that has impacted on how you feel about yourself?