Hi folks, hope you are having a lovely Sunday. I’ve been enjoying a quiet weekend at home staying wrapped up warm from the cold!

Apart from making a big pan of soup, drinking coffee and pots of green tea and chucking more rubbish ready for project decorate I’ve done bugger all ;-) But saying that, I did go to the gym this morning – and it was a tough one! They have started a new spinning class right before kettlecise and this morning I thought I’d give it a try for a double whammy workout. It was great, I haven’t done spinning in ages and it was fun to change it up!

Before going to the gym this morning I had a fresh cucumber, celery, ginger and lemon juice followed by a coconut oil blended coffee:

Photo 04-11-2012 08 13 24

Photo 04-11-2012 08 25 59

I’m still doing the juices on a weekend but just the one juice on a Sunday. Now that the weather is colder I’m not feeling as attracted to juices for obvious reasons but a quick glass on Sunday morning – usually after I’ve indulged a little on the Saturday night – goes down a treat.

For a proper breakfast post workout I made a big smoothie with beet greens (roasting the beets in the oven now!) roast squash, vanilla sun warrior, ice, cinnamon and unsweetened almond milk poured it into a bowl and topped with peanut sauce and a few roast soy beans for crunch:

Photo 04-11-2012 11 29 15

I also had another coffee, its one of those days!

For breakfast yesterday I made an omelette with 2 eggs filled with peanut butter and strawberry jam:

Photo 03-11-2012 08 06 34

Followed by a simple green smoothie:

Photo 03-11-2012 08 23 40

This was just cos lettuce, vanilla sun warrior and almond milk blended up.

For lunch I had some Rude Health corn thins topped with local honey comb, avocado, bee pollen and sea salt:

Photo 03-11-2012 12 08 37

Absolutely delicious! I also got my russet apple fix :-)

Snacks wise I made a yoghurt bowl with roast squash, full fat Greek yoghurt and peanut sauce:

Photo 03-11-2012 15 19 04

Heaven in a bowl right there!

Then for dinner I made some perfect tofu with steamed kale from the farmers market and swede chips and ketchup:

Photo 03-11-2012 18 01 47

Oh my god I just love swede chips, seriously I would pick these over regular chips any day! I just slice up the swede into chips, coat in a little oil and salt and roast at 200 for about 30 – 40 minutes until browned but tender. Perfect dipped in ketchup!

I also had some of my favourite raw mint chocolate:

Photo 03-11-2012 18 20 45

Followed by copious amounts of popcorn and Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut butter eaten while watching Sex and the City on Film Four. Good stuff!

These last couple of weeks I’ve really enjoyed making a big Sunday lunch. Now that I’m eating meat again I tend to make something on a Sunday then eat leftovers on Monday and eat vegetarian for the rest of the week. Last week I roasted a chicken, the week before that I made an Italian style beef mince sauce with spaghetti squash and today I made a cottage pie:

Photo 04-11-2012 14 58 59

I made a big one for James and two little ones for me so I can have one tomorrow. I fried up some onions, mushrooms and grated carrot with organic beef mince, some beef stock and tomato passata then topped my pies with cauliflower mash and James with ‘lazy’ mash – i.e two small potatoes microwaved and then blended into a creamy mash in the Vitamix with butter and milk and then some grated cheese on top. Served with some steamed broccoli it was comfort food at its finest :-)

Do you enjoy a more traditional Sunday lunch? What is your favourite Sunday meal?