Oh how I just love this time of year, the couple of weeks leading up to Christmas are my absolute favourite! Last night we had our annual Christmas event that we host for the charities and community groups we work with. It was a great night and included carol singers, awards for community groups, dinner and a disco:


 Outfit of the day: statement necklace: Topshop, black peplum vest: Miss Selfridge, red skinny jeans: New Look, heels: Miss Selfridge

Doesn’t the room look great? Just for a laugh, here’s a picture of me at the Christmas event 5 years ago:


I was looking back at pictures of myself from the events over the last 5 years, I start off bigger as above, get smaller, then really skinny and then how I am today. Its a real comfort to look at those pictures and feel like I look much better at the in between stage – not at my biggest but certainly not at my smallest either :-)

I have to say my eating has been a bit random this week, I’ve found that I haven’t been meal planning as usual and therefore more random snacks have snuck in. Saying that it’s actually nice to go with the flow for a change. Here are some of the more decent meals I’ve had, and actually remembered to photograph!

Photobucket spelt egg white wrap with tahini, avocado, honey and bee pollen, mince pie oats with a chopped pear and peanut butter, salad with black beans, cucumber, red pepper and tahini miso dressing, carrot cake oats with raisins, walnuts and maple syrup, Thai red butternut and lentil curry with steamed kale and broccoli, squash frittata (based on my squash and chard recipe) with spinach on the side.

Un pictured have been dates dipped directly into a pot of almond butter (so so good!), yoghurt and fruit, chocolate and pecan popcorn and lots of home made gingerbread, more on that in a mo!

I have tried to keep up with normal workouts as much as possible, I dragged myself to the gym this morning but I think that will be the last early morning session for a while! The gym is so cold I’d rather wait until after work, defrosting the car in my gym gear does not appeal ;-)

  • Saturday: REST
  • Sunday: Spin Class + Kettlecise Class
  • Monday: REST
  • Tuesday: Cardio in gym – 30 minutes on machines, Body Pump class
  • Wednesday: Cardio in gym – 40 minutes on machines followed by a few core exercises
  • Thursday: 30 Day Shred DVD Level 2
  • Friday: Gym workout – 5 min cross trainer warm up then squats / chest presses / rows x 3 deadlifts / shoulder presses / bicycle crunches x 3 lunges / bicep curls / full sit ups x 3 (20 reps each using 14lb – 50lb bar) 10 minutes bike

On the Love List this week…


We used our posh tea cups, they are so pretty!

I mentioned that I’d made some gingerbread cake at the weekend and heavens it is the absolute bomb! I made some more during the week and tweeked the recipe slightly, topped with some cream cheese icing and brought into work for our Secret Santa get together! The recipe is coming very soon, it is husband and colleague approved and considering that James is a real fan of gingerbread cake and this is a reasonably healthy version I’m pretty damn happy with the recipe! Also…


Launching Uniquely Healthy! You guys have just amazed me with all of your support and positivity, I can’t thank you enough. If you haven’t checked out the giveaway or the site yet take a look. I posted my first article on the site, all about having a healthy Christmas and the first newsletter is due very soon as well. I am very excited about working with those of you that have been in touch! Also (yes there’s more!)…

Cookies! // a Christmas card from my Nephew Harry melting my heart // Skype chat with my wonderful friend and fellow IINer Nathalie // submitting funding applications for the Feel Good Factory // remembering how far I’ve come this year // biker boots keeping my toes warm // ridiculous bobble hats // coffee with my Mam and Dad, I love them so much!

In case you missed it:

What’s on your Love List this week?

Oooh I can’t wait for the weekend! James and I are going to a funk and soul night tomorrow, we know the DJ’s and its sure to be lots of fun. I’m just praying I don’t end up with a hangover! What do you have planned for the weekend? Have you been to any Christmas events or parties yet?