Well last week we had floods and this week we had snow!

Photo 05-12-2012 18 44 16Photo 03-12-2012 07 50 29

Not that I’m really complaining, I think the snow just makes me feel even more in the mood for Christmas :-)

It’s been a pretty standard week for me, but I’m on leave today and Monday so I have a lovely long weekend, yey! Workouts have been pretty good…

  • Saturday: REST
  • Sunday: Spin Class + Kettlecise Class
  • Monday: Yoga Class
  • Tuesday: Cardio in gym – 30 minutes on machines, Body Pump class
  • Wednesday: REST
  • Thursday:  Gym workout – 5 min cross trainer warm up then squats / chest presses / rows x 3 deadlifts / shoulder presses / bicycle crunches x 3 lunges / bicep curls / full sit ups x 3 (20 reps each using 14lb – 50lb bar) 10 minutes bike
  • Friday: Gym workout – 10 minutes on each – cross trainer, bike, step machine, rowing machine

It was good to get back to yoga after missing last week although I don’t know how I manage it in those classes but by goodness I was aching on Tuesday and Wednesday!

Eats have been quite standard stuff too…PicMonkey Collage

Omelette with almond butter and jam, Home made apple and cranberry sauce (just chopped apples, frozen cranberries, a little water and agave cooked down) with full fat organic cottage cheese, Sweet breakfast scramble with chopped plums and tahini, Omelette with bacon, sausage and wensleydale cheese plus spinach, Lunch at my desk – cauliflower soup, corn thins with peanut flour sauce and a sliced persimmon, Salad with butternut squash and hummus

I also got back on the green smoothie wagon after yoga on Monday:

Photo 03-12-2012 19 56 50

I realised that I hadn’t had a green smoothie in ages. This was so good! Kale, frozen blueberries, chocolate sun warrior, cacao powder, maca and unsweetened almond milk topped with dried mulberries, gojis, cacao nibs and coconut. I ate a lot more dried mulberries on top too, love em!

I also had this delicious dinner last night:

Photo 06-12-2012 18 36 41

Maple balsamic baked tofu with a roast sweet potato and tahini plus coconut oil stir fried brussel sprouts, yum yum!

On the Love List this week…

I am very excited to tell you all about a new adventure of mine, working with one of my favourite companies Evernote!


Yep, I am the new Evernote Healthy Living Ambassador! I’ve been using the Evernote programme for years, even well before I started blogging. It is an amazing organisational tool which I use every single day. I’m chuffed that I’m going to be able to share my love of Evernote in a more official capacity now! Also…

Baking what may be the most delicious cookies I’ve ever tasted ever ever! // renewing my first aid certificate // gingerbread lattes // buying this new dress // my Sister and nephews popping round to say hello // buying more Christmas decorations // wonderful emails from incredibly kind and helpful people // making a difference

In case you missed it:

Well for this long weekend I’m looking forward to getting caught up with a few things, finishing my Christmas shopping, baking and cooking and a trip to the local community Christmas fair, great stuff!

How has your week been? What’s on your Love List? Have you used Evernote before? If not definitely check it out as it’s awesome!