Having a healthy digestive system is not just important for our physical health, but also good for our over all wellbeing. I know a lot of us can struggle with tummy issues and they can have a real impact on our day to day lives. I want to share this article giving us 5 top foods for supporting a healthy tummy, enjoy!

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Yum, yum and good for your tum!

What you eat can have a massive effect on how you feel afterwards. It’s amazing how some foods you think are healthy can be bad for your tummy, whereas others keep things moving smoothly!

When people eat lots of processed foods they feel sluggish and tired afterwards, but when they eat a healthy diet they have more energy, which is the right way round. Below are five foods that help your tummy and the most delicious ways to eat them.

1. Pineapple

This delicious fruit kick-starts your metabolism, and combats bloating and nausea; It’s amazing cold and cubed as a snack, as well as thrown into salads (try pineapple, avocado, peanuts and red pepper, with a lime and olive oil dressing) or coated in agave syrup and left to caramelise on the barbecue.

2. Ginger

This wonder-root can prevent diarrhoea and flatulence, and soothe nausea. It is a great alternative to coffee, with hot water and a squeeze of lemon, sometimes honey too. It’s also nice as a base for Thai curries and stir-fries, grated and cooked with onions and garlic.

3. Yoghurt

The live variety contains probiotics, the friendly bacteria your body needs for a healthy gut. Drizzle natural yoghurt on fruit salads, whizz it up with berries and flaxseed for a morning smoothie, or blend with spices for a light and healthy marinade. If you have a stash in the fridge you can add a dollop to soups and curries for an extra creamy finish.

4. Mint

There’s nothing like a fresh mint tea to round off a meal. It’s useful as it freshens your breath as well as helping digestion. Fresh mint is gorgeous shredded on strawberries, and topped with a drizzle of fresh orange juice, and works in practically any salad: Try it with quinoa, pistachio, chopped dried apricots and avocado.

5. Oats

Oats are a ‘soluble’ fibre meaning they keep your bowels moving nicely. They’re also versatile. You can bake them in nut butter and spices for a healthy (and sugar free) granola, blend with coconut milk and raisins for a warming porridge, or add to home-made soup for extra bulk and goodness.


I love that the 5 foods suggested are all commonly available in any supermarket! Ginger, oats and yoghurt are big favourites of mine too. Have you used any of these foods to support your digestive health? How did they work for you?

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