Over the last few weeks I’ve kindly been sent a few different products for review. Of course at this time of year certain products, whether that’s clothing, food, drinks or supplements, can really be helpful in getting us through a cold winter, I noticed that all of these products had a bit of a winter theme!

The North Face Women’s Boulevard Jacket

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I’ve heard lots about The North Face in the past, particularly how high quality their products are, and I was not disappointed with this jacket. I was quite surprised when I saw this as it is a much smarter style than I’d usually associate with the brand. The jacket features a detachable fake fur collar, snug fitting cuffs under the end of the arms and zip closing pockets. Since I received it I have worn it almost every single day, it is perfect for work when I like to be warm but still look reasonably smart. It is comfortable like a parka jacket but as I said, it has a smarter appearance. The only thing I can find fault with on this is the zip fastening at the front of the jacket, I found it difficult to fasten as it zips up on the other side to what I’m used to. However, other than that one problem I could not recommend this jacket enough! It is very expensive at £260, but if you are looking for an investment purchase this would be amazing. I’m a UK size 10-12 and this is a medium which fits me with quite a bit of room for any Christmas weight gain or chunky jumpers ;-) I know I will be well served if we get another bad winter! The jacket is also available in different colours, see the website for more details.

Winter Heated Gloves

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Continuing on the warm clothing theme, I received these heated thinsulate gloves to try out. Some of you that have been reading for a while may know that I have a lot of problems with cold hands in the past, particularly when I was still running. These gloves come with a pocket in which you attach a battery that then causes the gloves to heat up. I’ve tried those hand warmer packs that you snap and warm up but to be honest they have always been way too much of a faff on. These are fab! You do need to attach / detach the battery as there’s no switch but they warm up pretty well. They aren’t so great for driving or doing anything where you need your fingers as they are very bulky, but if you enjoy walking then they are superb. They would make a great stocking fillers for men that are difficult to buy for, or any women you know that suffer from Reynards or just poor circulation. At £11.99 I think they are a great price!

Viridian Clear Skin Supplements

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I don’t know about you but in the winter my skin definitely suffers with the central heating. It’s not too bad but I do tend to get patches of dry skin. I was sent some Viridian Clear Skin Complex Capsules and Omega oil to sample. I’ve been adding the omega oil into smoothies and taking the complex capsules for the last few weeks. The capsules contain a range of vitamins, minerals and herbs to support healthy skin and the omega oil provides a blend of essential fatty acids to support the skin as well. I always find it difficult to isolate the effects of supplements when I review them, and in all honestly I can’t tell if was the capsules, the oil or a combination that have made a difference. I didn’t have problem skin to begin with, but I have noticed that my skin is not as dry as it has been at this time of year in the past. Of course that could be down to a combination of factors. I think that if you have issues with dry skin or any other skin issues they could be worth a try, the quality of the supplements certainly seems to be excellent and for that I would be inclined to recommend them as part of an overall problem skin care regime. The capsules are £21.60 for 60 via Goodness Direct. I can’t find the Omega oil on Goodness Direct but it is available directly from Viridian at £15.50.

Tea India

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Another winter pass time of mine is tea drinking. I drink a hell of a lot of tea and chai is one of my absolute favourites! I was sent some Tea India Vanilla Chai and Plain Black Tea to try out. I have to say I’m not a huge fan of plain black tea anymore since I started my green tea habit. This was pleasant enough, but when I drink black tea I like it to be something with a bit of flavour. Enter the vanilla chai! This is really tasty, I didn’t detect a particular vanilla flavour but the chai spices come through well and it tastes naturally sweet. I drink my black tea with a little unsweetened almond milk. As you get 40 bags in a box I think that’s good value too. They also do a masala chai which I think I would like even more. What is a little disappointing is that there are no stockists in my area so I’d better make these last! You can go to the website and search for stockists near you.

Whittard Tea and Coffee

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Yep even more tea! I received a few different herbal teas and some coffee beans from Whittard to review. Unfortunately until I get a coffee grinder I won’t be trying the beans (they do smell lush!) The teas have been very nice though. I don’t really like fruity teas so the blueberry didn’t float my boat. The organic calming infusion tastes great and quite detoxifying but the Chilli chai is my clear fave. As with the Tea India above, I love my chai spices and this is even better because is caffeine free and therefore I feel like I can enjoy it later in the day without it effecting my sleep. As it has a touch of chilli to it, that makes it even more warming. I did really love brewing this up with a couple of tea bags and using the cooled tea to make porridge (just replacing the usual amount of liquid with the tea) and in smoothies to give them a lovely spicy chai flavour. Each of the teas come in a box of 20 for £3.95. As much as I love the Chai, I do think that £3.95 is a little expensive as other good quality herbal chai teas are available slightly cheaper, however I haven’t seen a chai with the chilli any more affordable so far.

Have you tried any of these products and if so what did you think? What would be your top winter survival products?