I had a ‘my favourite week of the year’ post last year, but I could not think of a better title for a post recapping these week so I’m reusing it! I always seem to enjoy the week leading up to Christmas so much. So what have I been up to? To be honest this week has been one long Love List…

Doing the ‘Big Christmas Food Shop’

Christmas foods

Yesterday I was in Newcastle and got a few foodie delights from the market and Waitrose as well as hitting up Sainsbos with James to spend the Nectar points we have saved during the year. I got some kabocha squash, seasonal fruits like persimmon and figs, dried figs and dates, sea salt popcorn and some sweeter popcorns, basil tofu, greek yoghurt, garlic cheese, olives, vanilla chestnut puree, picked onions, pretzels, stollen etc. Also plenty of red wine, bourbon, ginger wine and Irish cream and I have an organic veg box being delivered today! I can not wait to eat some of this stuff!

Watching Christmas cooking shows on TV


I recorded Nigella’s show and watched it yesterday morning on my first day off from work. Today I’ve been watching them while wrapping presents. Love it!

Eating cookies

Photo 19-12-2012 09 39 12

I have taken part in the cookie exchange being organised by Tam and received these fab peanut butter chocolate and sea salt cookies from Ffion. OMG these were incredible! I ate way too many but they were just so good.

Taking of eating a lot…these last couple of weeks I have really been letting my hair down with food, and boy can I feel it. My thighs, hips and bum in particular have just gone ‘BOOM!’ However, for where I am in my own healthy living journey right now none of this is a bad thing and I need to keep reminding myself of that. I have another wordy post in the pipe line for you as some more changes are coming for me in the New Year so that I can finally sort my problem out once and for all. I’m going to kick its ass…

Finding new dresses on sale

Photo 21-12-2012 10 04 08

When I was in town yesterday I noticed these two dresses in Warehouse on sale. They are so my style and look fab on. One massive benefit of gaining some weight is that I can fill a bra again and the deep necklines on these dresses need a decent cleavage to make them work.

Strength training

Photo 03-09-2012 19 54 58

This week I really changed up my usual exercise schedule. I haven’t done any classes and instead I’ve been alternating a lower / upper body strength routine with 20 minutes cardio each day this week. I just do 10 minutes cardio on the cross trainer to warm up and then do my strength training followed by another 10 minutes of cardio. I’ve been doing just a mix of different exercises but I have really felt like focusing on the upper / lower body at once makes me feel like I’ve challenged my muscles more. Looking forward to doing more of this style of workout in the New Year.

Coffee dates with blog friends

Yesterday I had a wonderful coffee date with the lovely Nicky and Emma. I’ve met Nicky a few times but it was the first time I’d met Emma – these girls are just fab and such an inspiration! I also got cuddles with Emma’s little boy Leo who is just adorable.  I feel blessed to have met so many great woman through blogging and I’m hoping I’ll see a lot more of these two next year!

Seeing the Christmas showing of Die Hard at the Tyneside Cinema

Photo 21-07-2012 19 13 06

On Wednesday James and I had ourselves another date night – we went for coffee, a Chinese buffet meal and then to the cinema for our fave alternative Christmas movie. So. Much. Fun. We are thinking of becoming members of the cinema for next year and making more of a regular thing of it.

Delicious (and more healthy) eats


I’ve been eating a lot of hummus topped salads, smoothies in a bowl and pumpkin scrambles this week as well as tasty snacking plates with figs, raw bars and tahini, egg white and spelt toasted wraps with banana and peanut butter and stir fried brussels sprouts with sweet potato topped with salmon mixed with cream cheese.


organising my Evernote account and arranging it so I can manage my health coaching stuff // great sessions with new health coaching clients // starting my gratitude journal and carrying out the steps in this post // sending out the first Uniquely Healthy monthly newsletter – you can sign up for it here!

In case you missed it:

Today I am getting the flat all cleaned and then over the weekend I’m going to do more Christmas cooking and baking, good times! Are you all prepared for Christmas yet?


Winners of the Zinio Digital Magazine Giveaway

The winners are…

Elise, Bronagh, Emma, Kathryn from Mum Reinvented, Chrissy Grace, Julia, Laura Bilas, Mel Wiltshire, Sharon

Congrats everyone! I think I have all of your details from the comments you left me, those of you that I have needed more information from I have tweeted. Your digital subscriptions should be on their way soon!