This weekend I have really been letting my hair down and enjoying some sweet treats! On Friday night James and I watched Borne Legacy accompanied by a bottle of red and a pretty indulgent sweet plate:

Photo 07-12-2012 22 27 29

That plate was just for me! It included crystallised ginger, dark chocolate covered soy nuts, salted caramel truffles, champagne truffles, fudge pieces and a couple of different kinds of dark chocolate. Very naughty but so worth it! Last night I finished off the ginger and the truffles and now I’m all chocolated out.

I have been loving the pumpkin too, yesterday I made some three ingredient pumpkin pancakes:

Photo 08-12-2012 10 23 21

I followed this recipe and mixed the left over pumpkin with some greek yoghurt to go on the side, plus some maple syrup. So delicious!

I also had a very similar breakfast but in the form of porridge:

Photo 07-12-2012 08 38 43

With greek yoghurt and the addictive drippy almond butter on top. Today after the gym I made a pumpkin smoothie in a bowl:

Photo 09-12-2012 11 37 44

Tinned pumpkin, ice, vanilla sun warrior protein powder, unsweetened almond milk, maca topped with roasted almonds.

To counteract the chocolate at least a bit, I had a nice veggie packed dinner with some organic beef mince and veggie tomato sauce on top of courgette noodles:

Photo 08-12-2012 18 01 55

Today I had the leftover beef and veggies with a baked sweet potato and some steamed broccoli:

Photo 09-12-2012 14 24 46

Yesterday I had a wonderful time at a Christmas Fair in the community centre in the town where I grew up. My family is heavily involved in the community so it was brilliant to see everyone – I have a massive family! I watched my second cousins up on stage singing Christmas songs, had a catch up with my cousins, lots of cuddles with my best friends baby girl and a look at all the stalls. I came home with a bottle of ginger wine + one for my Grandma and some home made strawberry jam. I felt very Christmassy by the end of the day!

Speaking of ginger, that has also been on the menu this weekend, I can’t get enough of the stuff! This morning before the gym (for some reason I like baking very early on a Sunday morning, weird!) I made some Gingerbread Cake:

Photo 09-12-2012 11 49 08

These are fantabulous! I’ll be sharing the recipe very soon :-)

I’ve also spent all weekend making gingerbread coffees by adding a gingerbread tea bag into the coffee press when I brew the coffee:

Photo 07-12-2012 08 49 01

I’d found these gingerbread tea bags in TK Maxx and the are excellent! The brand is called The English Tea Shop and there was a few Christmas blends as well as this Gingerbread Man one. The coffee turns out really well, in fact I did a similar thing last year by adding a vanilla chai tea bag to the mix. Its a great way to add flavour to your coffee!

Other than that I have been working away on getting my Health Coaching website ready to launch this week, stay tuned for a giveaway and more details this coming week!

How has your weekend been? Ginger foods at this time of year are some of my favourites. I love gingerbread cookies, gingerbread porridge, the crystallised ginger dark chocolate with ginger flavour, so good! What is your favourite way to eat ginger?