I know I say this quite often but this month has been pretty epic! It feels like I’ve done so much in just a month:

I went to London for the Healthy Hero photo shoot:

Photo 06-11-2012 16 40 08_thumb[1]Healthy shoot_thumb[1]

I transferred KHGS to a new server and had a serious make over:


We had some major re decorating done at home:


I’m looking forward to finishing off the last few touches before I blog some more pictures!

I also moved into my very own office and work, and also redecorated it:


Plus I delivered my first paid healthy eating / team building workshop with young people as part of my new community business, as well as continuing my IIN studies. I’m just glad I managed to say sane through it all, well mostly ;-)

I also blogged some lovely recipes:


Simple Creamy Cauliflower Soup

‘Skinny’ Courgette, Cranberry and Pistachio Muffins

Autumn Tahini Slaw

Unfortunately I have been having some issues with my camera uploading videos on to YouTube so no vlog this month. However I am investing in a new fancy pants webcam soon and I have a list of topics for vlogs so keep an eye on my YouTube channel!

I do have to quickly share a few things I’ve been loving this month though…

PicMonkey Collage

  • Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride Tea – heaven in a mug, simple as that!
  • Primark studded biker boots – I’ve barely had these off this month. They give most of my outfits a bit of edge and are comfy and practical to boot
  • Coco Maya New York Salted Pretzel Dark Chocolate – amazing, no other word for it. Sweet and salty deliciousness, and its vegan!
  • Burgundy cardigan – I picked up a cardigan exactly like this from Asda of all places, on a whim and I’ve been wearing it constantly to keep warm
  • Cypressa Tahini – I am in love with this, I find it a much ‘drippier’ texture than the Meridian one. I’ve just bought another jar of it from Waitrose this weekend
  • Yeo Valley Plain Full Fat Yoghurt – This has a great texture and is a nice change from Greek yoghurt. I’ve used it in a new recipe this weekend too which has worked very well!



My goals for December:

  • Have as much fun as possible!
  • Do lots of Christmas cooking and baking
  • Find a healthy and happy balance of holiday eating and exercise
  • Launch my Health Coaching Website

I utterly love December! Honestly I am like a child at times I get so excited, I just love everything about this month especially seeing my family and friends, parties and the food! I have a list of things I want to make and bake this month that I can’t wait to eat. With that in mind I am determined to get through this festive season with some kind of balance, lots of enjoyment and no guilt…


The last couple of months I’ve been swinging from being very focused on my healthy eats and then going completely off the rails when I’ve travelled or have been stressed. Over the last week or so I’ve had another one of those epiphanies where I have just decided to ‘let go’. I am truly really happy with my body at the moment so I need to keep reminding myself I don’t have to eat ultra healthy to maintain it this way. Life is just too short. I’m aiming to bring more balance to my diet my allowing myself more treats when I feel I need them rather than having massive ‘blow outs’. That’s the approach I want to go for over Christmas, indulging without guilt or worry, but not eating mindlessly for the sake of it. Keeping up a decent intake of fruit and vegetables always helps me feel better, as well as making sure my immune system says in good shape to ward off those winter colds!

Another HUGE thing for me this month is officially launching the new health coaching website and sharing here on the blog everything I’ve been working on behind the scenes!

How was November for you? Do you have any goals for December? How do you approach healthy living over Christmas?