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I’ve already told you all about my amazing 2012 and now its time to look forward into the New Year! I always set myself a ‘wish list’ for the coming year, even if I don’t achieve everything, or they change as the year goes on, I feel they are useful for at least giving myself some direction! I also find that a ‘wish list’ is a more flexible way of looking at it than a set of resolutions…

My 2013 wish list

  • Have lots more fun! – Nights out, seeing live music, visiting the cinema etc
  • Practice more self care and relaxation
  • Keep up my gratitude journal
  • Overcome my amenorrhea issue
  • Get more work done on my tattoo and get another couple of new tattoos
  • Travel – we would like to have a holiday abroad next year if we can
  • Successfully complete my Holistic Health Coach Certification with IIN
  • Establish myself as a health coach and grow Uniquely Healthy
  • Build the Feel Good Factory North East C.I.C so it becomes sustainable
  • Continue to grow KHGS
  • Develop the mix of my three main professional work areas (health coaching, community healthy living work and my existing voluntary sector development officer role) so they balance out and give me the work / life balance I am looking for
  • Maintain a healthy balanced weight without stress
  • Continue to exercise regularly in a way which is right for my body
  • Get my finances in better order

In 2012 we had some really good times and I want that to continue with more date nights with James and other generally fun adventures!

A big thing on that list is getting my body sorted with this amenorrhea thing. It’s been well over a year since I last had a period and although I feel like I’m doing all the right things to deal with it, such as gaining weight, eating more fat and reducing exercise, nothing seems to be improving. My plan is to cut back exercise a lot more, keep at the weight I am now and build in relaxation and more self care into my life – I’m going to make having a glass of red on a Friday night a priority as well as relaxing baths, listening to music and having lie ins on the weekend. I’m also going to start some acupuncture, go back to the doctors and re look at my supplement regime as there’s some herbs I’d like to try.

Of course a big thing for me in 2013 is getting my career settled. I won’t go into the detail, but my existing full time job will eventually become part time at some point in 2013. As stated, I kind of have 3 jobs and its balancing these up and working between them to make sure that: a) I can pay my half of the mortgage and put food on the table, and b) I don’t go insane, that I need to get a handle on.

I think those final three goals are always going to be on my list. Its been 3 years since I reached a happy healthy weight and although I’ve been up and down, I am still doing well! Considering that a large amount of dieters regain the weight they lose within 5 years I feel like I’m doing pretty good!


Speaking of which, I have some serious weight loss inspiration coming up for you this week, as well as a month full of healthy living motivation, inspiration and giveaways to get 2013 started off on the right track!

I have enjoyed a pretty indulgent Christmas and New Year and my body is begging me to get back to my usual healthy ways so I’m looking forward to sharing that with you too.

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Do you have any specific goals for 2013?