Hello everyone, hope you are having a wonderful Sunday! The first weekend of 2013 has been pretty good, on Friday night I had my work Christmas night out. We didn’t get out before Christmas as one of us was on holiday so we decided to book up to go out in January.

PicMonkey CollageFloral jacket: Warehouse, leather and lace dress: Oasis, purple tights: Accessorize, peep toe shoes: Office, jewel cluster ring: Warehouse, black jewelled clip on earrings: Warehouse

It was quite nice to get all dressed up! We went to a local hotel that was having a deal for a meal with ‘boy band’ entertainment. Well… the meal was delicious but the boy band not quite my thing. I took the night off from getting back to healthier ways – I enjoyed the chocolate torte dessert, a lot of rose wine and Jack Daniels and felt a little worse for wear the next morning!

A breakfast of scrambled eggs with a couple of oranges on the side plus coconut water and coffee sorted me out a treat!

Photo 05-01-2013 09 09 03

The eggs were especially delicious as I cooked them in some ghee:

Photo 06-01-2013 09 55 23

When I ordered my Shatavari herbs I decided to get some ghee (also known as clarified butter) as well. I’d read a lot about its use in Indian cooking and Ayurveda and you can read a bit more about some of its benefits here. I just used a small amount to scramble my eggs in but it gave them the most amazing buttery taste, utterly delicious. I’ll do a more in depth review of ghee soon.

After breakfast I took all the Christmas decorations down – which now that we are into January I was more than ready for! Then it was off to Newcastle to meet with a health coaching client as well as shopping for birthday gifts for my nephew. I had a great chat with the staff and customers in the health food shop about Uniquely Healthy and left some of my cards which was awesome too!

As I mentioned in my goals for 2013, I’m really trying to put time aside to relax and chill so last night I had a hot bath, made an easy but tasty dinner:

Photo 05-01-2013 19 05 46My Harrissa Chickpeas and Courgettes with tahini sauce and steamed broccoli

Then watched Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows with James and his friend. Then I had an early night, bliss! Oh and I did have a big bowl of my current favourite healthy dessert:

Photo 05-01-2013 19 25 40

Greek yoghurt mixed with frozen blueberries and a little almond milk topped with honey. The yoghurt firms up like ice cream around the frozen berries, delish!

This morning I had a lovely lie in and then made pancakes!

Photo 06-01-2013 09 31 57

Simple banana pancakes (1 mashed banana, 2 eggs) topped with tahini honey sauce and a little naturally sweetened strawberry jam.

I’m trying to get back on the meal planning wagon for this coming week as its a really busy one and I know if I don’t prepare I’ll get stressed out and will end up not nourishing myself as well as I could! So today I’ve spent a bit of time in the kitchen making some lentil and spinach soup, roasting some butternut squash and making some chicken and coconut curry for dinner later.

Photo 06-01-2013 13 18 09

I’ve just had a bowl of the soup for lunch, its packed with ginger and garlic so great for keeping colds at bay! Going to follow this up with some apples and satsumas.

I also have done no exercise this weekend so quite a change of pace compared to usual! I have to say its lovely to be able to just potter about getting things done on a Sunday rather than getting up early for the gym.

Have you tried ghee before? What is your favourite way to relax?