Hello guys, happy Sunday! Hope that you’ve had an enjoyable weekend :-) I’ve had a very laid back one, yesterday was spent at home cleaning and getting caught up with a few things and today has mostly been cooking! I did go out for a nice walk to get some fresh air, it reminded me that I need to do that more often as since I stopped running I do miss being outside.

As I was saying I have been doing lots of cooking this weekend so meals have been pretty good. I made some beef burgers for dinner on Friday night:

Photo 11-01-2013 18 45 11

All I did was mix 500g of organic minced beef with an egg and some chopped parsley then formed it into 8 mini burgers. Then I fried them until cooked through. I had mine with some red onion, kabocha squash, steamed broccoli and ketchup of course. They were really good and so easy to make! I froze a couple to save for another time.

Then for dessert I made a passion for cherries smoothie in a bowl:

Photo 11-01-2013 19 08 55

I had forgot how delicious passionfruit is!

I had a lovely mega salad for lunch in between cleaning:

Photo 12-01-2013 12 43 52

This included salmon, peppers and some mixed antipasti roughly chopped with and some balsamic vinegar.

Then for dinner I had one of my spelt and egg white wraps stuffed with black beans, red onion, spinach and cheese:

Photo 12-01-2013 18 40 40

Like a cheese toastie, yum!

Then dessert was more frozen fruit mixed with greek yoghurt:

Photo 12-01-2013 18 58 51

Raspberries and then some more passionfruit on top.

This morning I attempted a new recipe but it wasn’t particularly blog worthy:

Photo 13-01-2013 09 29 09

These were spelt and oat breakfast scones. I ate them with strawberry jam and they were nice but not outstanding.

Then this morning I have been pottering around the kitchen roasting a chicken and making a giant pan of soup. I had some of the chicken with steamed broccoli and some leek and cauliflower mash for lunch:

Photo 13-01-2013 13 05 11

I have to say I love a good roast chicken on a Sunday! I’m going to make some chicken stock with the bones in a mo.

A couple of recipes that did workout include some amazing microwavable cinnamon and raisin bread:

Photo 12-01-2013 08 33 54

It was gorgeous and the perfect texture, will be sharing this soon! I also made a pretty fabulous smoothie:

Photo 12-01-2013 14 56 33

This was lush!

After having a pretty busy week, I really wanted to have some time to relax this weekend so I made a kind of ‘not to do list’ rather than a to do list. I did get plenty done yesterday but I actively took a few things off my list so that I could have a nice bubble bath and a relaxing evening. I’m finding it more and more important to make time to just chill out or else I think I’d go a bit nuts! I was pretty tempted to go and try a CrossFit class today as a box has just opened near me in Durham and I would love to try CrossFit however I knew I needed rest and I can try the CrossFit another time soon.

How has your weekend been? What’s the tastiest food you’ve enjoyed this weekend?

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