Photo 19-01-2013 10 01 05

Yep, its been snowing again!

The furthest we have ventured so far this weekend was the local Co-op, I snapped this photo on our way there. I love walking in the snow and this scene was just so beautiful!

I spent yesterday being super productive thanks to my productivity buddies on Google + (thanks girls!). The main aim of that was so that I could have today mostly free to relax. As I’ve been saying recently, with so much going on in my life right now I’m making a concerted effort to carve out time for me to unplug. Last night I had my now regular Saturday night date with a candle lit bubble bath, Friday nights are also now sacred time for me and James to spend together and Sunday afternoons are for household tasks, reading and watching TV.

Some of that reading time has been spent reading books on nutrition – I just can’t help myself as I find it all so interesting! Of course they also complement the things I’m learning with IIN. I’m planning on writing a couple of book reviews on some of them. Any who, something I’ve been gradually increasing in my diet since last year is fats and animal products and I’m continuing to experiment with adding more of them into my diet. My blended coffee is now a daily habit, it’s just delicious!

Photo 19-01-2013 08 24 12

Perfect way to warm up on a snowy morning! I’ve also been eating plenty of fat from ghee, eggs and avocado:

Photo 18-01-2013 12 46 23

On Friday evening I made another Thai Chicken Veggie Noodle bowl but with coconut milk added:

Photo 18-01-2013 18 33 36

I used some of the home made chicken broth I made at the weekend too. James loved this! Yesterday I made some Slow Cooked Beef Stew but with an added ingredient:

Photo 19-01-2013 19 09 20

Liver! I think I’ve mentioned before that James loves liver, and since I’ve been reading about the nutrients in organ meats I thought I’d give it a try. My grandmother used to love liver too, although often made for her dog ;-) I cut it very small, but slow cooked in with the beef and it actually tasted pretty good! I might have to share this recipe properly because it is seriously good. I had some with cauliflower mash and steamed kale.

Then my day would not be complete without some full fat Greek yoghurt.

Photo 18-01-2013 18 53 58

Mixed with frozen raspberries and almond milk. Oh and I almost forgot yesterday’s amazing breakfast:

Photo 19-01-2013 09 08 51

Roast kabocha squash with full fat coconut milk – this kept me full for hours which hardly ever happens!

As well as relaxing a bit this afternoon I am going to have to venture outside to dig my car out ready for work tomorrow :-( But then I’m planning on getting back into my Pjs and watching more Girls on Sky +, oh and maybe some baking too!

How do you spend ‘snow’ days? What role does fat play in your diet?