I was quickly browsing through a few of my recipes the other day when I realised how truly delicious and healthy some of them are – and therefore how good they are for getting on the healthy wagon in January without feeling deprived! I thought I’d quickly revisit a few of my favourites…some of these are quite old recipes but I keep coming back to them which I always see as a good sign. All of these are vegan, gluten free and free from refined sugar, enjoy!


I just love a good smoothie! It may seem counter intuative to have them when its cold, however if you don’t add ice they aren’t quite as bone chilling! They are great to include when you feel like you need lots of vitamins and minerals and to get that healthy glow going.

PicMonkey Collage1

I’ve had some really tasty green smoothies this week, can’t get enough!


If you can’t quite face cold smoothies then soups are another great way to get in lots of healthy vegetables, these are just a couple of my favourites…

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I made the lentil and spinach soup at the weekend, it is wonderful!


A cold salad may not be too appealing but why not try these warm salads?

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It’s usually when you reach dinner time that sticking to healthy foods can go a bit off plan, but all of these can be made in advance in bulk and frozen in portions. All are super tasty and satisfying too!

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I will always be in love with raw desserts. These are refined sugar free so if you feel like you need a sweet treat, try these instead of a slice of cake, your body will thank you for it!

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Do you have recipes that you love to come back to over and over again? Which of your favourite recipes are you making right now? Link me up!