These are the few pics I managed to take on New Years Eve, which I have to admit did not get off to the best start, except for that breakfast of a baked sweet potato with almond butter and greek yoghurt! I had stayed at home in the morning expecting a delivery that ended up being left at a house in a completely different street, and then James had to work until 5pm when he had been expecting to finish at 3pm. I was just plain pissed off, but luckily I rarely have days like that! I ended up being a bit dressed up with no where to go (gold nail polish from a Ted Baker set, OOTD: leather biker jacket: Warehouse, jewelled statement necklace: Topshop, red and black rose print dress: Urban Outfitters, black belt: very old and can’t remember where from, black ankle boots: New Look). I decided to go into Durham earlier anyway and treat myself to a Praline Mocha with whipped cream. I had a nice wonder around taking in the pretty lights and then once James had finished work we hit the pub. I had some organic strawberry beer and a Honey Jack Daniels with ice. Then we went home via the takeaway (chips, fried rice and curry sauce!) and I made myself a few Jackhammer cocktails (equal measures of JD and Amaretto). The end of the day was vastly better than the start of it and we saw in 2013 cuddling each other in bed :-)

I really enjoyed December – especially all of the food and drink, but crikey I am sick of chocolate and I was really looking forward to getting back to healthier eats! For my New Years Day breakfast I made some simple banana pancakes (a mashed banana with two eggs and a little cinnamon) topped with a few warmed cherries and some coconut water and black coffee on the side:

Photo 01-01-2013 09 17 49

Healthy but still really tasty!

Then we went to my parents for lunch:

Photo 01-01-2013 13 04 09

Chicken with veggies, perfect!

I snacked on unpictured oranges and apples in the afternoon, then for dinner I used up a pot of olives with feta by mixing it with some lentils and chopped red peppers:

Photo 01-01-2013 18 06 06

Served with some lettuce, yum!

Dessert was raspberries and Greek yoghurt:

Photo 01-01-2013 18 29 30

While James was eating his Cadbury’s Roses chocolates, I made myself a healthier option going for some dried dates and some Urban Fruit dried pineapple and mango:

Photo 01-01-2013 19 32 22

That pineapple is amazing!


I have to say I am feeling so much better from just one day of better eating. I’m going to blog a bit more on getting back into healthier habits and how I’m approaching January tomorrow. How do you feel about the whole ‘it’s January let’s get healthy’ thing? I believe its each to their own. I know some people can eat in a more balanced way all year round, but then others (like me!) tend to have periods of healthier eating and then periods of not eating so well. Now I feel I’m in a better place and can therefore trust my body’s natural feelings, I’m going to honour them by eating lots of fruit and veggies and whole foods. What kind of foods are you craving right now?