I know that in past January’s I have very much gone in for the whole detoxing thing. Detox has almost become a dirty word in the healthy living community, however I think its just the interpretation of what a detox is that seems to get people relied up – as well not remembering that different things work for different people! Personally, I naturally feel the need to eat better and reduce the things I’ve indulged in. I certainly wouldn’t call it a detox, but I’m not going to fight what I feel my body naturally wants. I do have to be careful not to overdo it as I have done in previous years, but getting back to some good healthy eating without restricting any of the major food groups is going to do me the world of good.

Photo 02-01-2013 17 54 05Restocking with healthy goodies! – unsweetened almond milk (on offer for £1 in Sainsburys!) blush pears, mushrooms, spinach, carrots, broccoli, passata

I enjoyed a lot of indulgence over Christmas and although I was trying to go for balance, that f**k it voice was making itself heard more often than not. I haven’t weighed myself, but if my clothes are anything to go by I’ve gained a pretty decent amount of weight. This is such a strange situation for me – because weight gain should help me with my amenorrhea problem. However I had already reached the top end of a healthy weight and now my jeans are feeling more than just a little snug and I’ve gone past the place where I feel comfortable with my size.

However I can not afford to fall back into more restrictive habits, and for the sake of my recovery from amenorrhea I can’t go balls to the wall with exercise either. Instead of my old exercise routine which was at least 5 days pretty intense workouts I’m going to be doing 3 strength workouts with minimal cardio plus some yoga / pilates type stuff. I’d also like to work on my core strength by challenging myself with a plank a day.

As for my diet I’m trying not to over think things, but basically I’m going to try and keep refined sugar and processed foods to a minimum and eat plenty of fruit and veggies. Simples.

Of course I’m continuing with my lemon and warm water in the morning and I’m also having come raw apple cider vinegar in a little water each morning to help with digestion too. I’m also going to enjoy lots of delicious green smoothies – when its not too cold of course!

Photo 02-01-2013 06 44 21Smoothie with frozen blueberries, cos lettuce, almond milk, vanilla sun warrior protein powder, maca

I’m certainly not cutting out any food groups or even caffeine, but I am cutting out a couple of specific things: nut butters (except tahini, because a life without tahini is not worth living!) and stevia (except where it is an ingredient, for example in Sun Warrior protein powder).

I’ve really been finding that nut butters are a serious trigger food for me. Now that I’ve gained weight and I am in a good place with it, eating nut butters from the jar straight up does not make me feel good physically or mentally. With regards to stevia, I know that it can be a great sweetener for some people – with zero calories and no affect on blood sugar – but as I have blogged about before, I feel like its numbed my taste buds to things that are naturally sweet. I’m going to try and move away from it and go for more natural sweeteners like honey, maple syrup and coconut sugar.

Photo 02-01-2013 17 49 15More healthy restocking – frozen berries, organic minced and stewing beef, tofu, organic chicken, cheese, greek yoghurt

As I’ve blogged about before, at the moment I tend to feel better with more fat and protein in my diet so I don’t tend to eat lots of carbs apart from fruit, vegetables, beans and oats! I generally don’t fancy grains that much other than oats, especially while there are so many winter squashes about. I’d rather have a couple of cups of kabocha than half a cup of brown rice!

I also need to keep up the fats – including saturated fat, so the full fat dairy and red meat are staying. In terms of supplementation I will continue to add maca to my smoothies as maca is reported to support the adrenal glands and support recovery from stress. I have also just ordered some Shatavari herbs from Pukka. I first came across shatavari in one of my IIN Ayurveda lectures – also know as ‘she with one thousand husbands’ it is reported to support hormonal balance.  I’m also going to start with some acupuncture very soon too.

I have to keep remembering that for me right now, a little weight gain is not a bad thing and if at any point I became overweight again, I have the experience and the tools to lose it. So I guess its just back to some good old solid healthy eating. The only measurements I’ll be using will be my ability to fit into my jeans! Without being restrictive I think its just going to be a case of letting my body find its happy place again.

If you are interested in more about detoxing (in a healthy and positive way of course) and no shame if you are!  Then stay tuned over at Uniquely Healthy as next Wednesdays post is all about sensible, practical detox tips.

I know we talked a bit about this yesterday but do you have any specific plans for your health this January? I think its really important to remember that everyone is different, some people feel they have no need to eat any differently, but some people do. Are you trying to tackle any health issues right now?