I can’t quite believe that the first month of 2013 is almost over! Christmas and New Year feels like a lifetime ago. This month has seen 2013 get off to an amazing start for me, but at times I have been stressed simply due to having too much on my plate and over committing myself. That in itself has led to me being quite reflective about how I spend my time and focus my energies, and now that I’ve settled a bit and started making time to do nothing, I’m feeling much more well balanced and able to focus on the things that are most important and productive.


I’ve had some fun and exciting things going on like the photo shoot for the newspaper, and of course Uniquely Healthy has been going from strength to strength. My clients are amazing and I feel really lucky to be able to support people to become healthier and happier. At risk of sounding like a ‘happy, happy, rainbows and unicorns’ blogger, at times I have just had to stop and say thank you to whatever divine power has blessed me so much. Saying that, I have also worked my bloody arse off! I know I have my problems to deal with, but I am so lucky to have the opportunity to do something I really love, which also helps other people.

Things I’ve really enjoyed this month have included my new more laid back fitness routine. Doing my LiveFit style workouts with yoga at home in between and having weekends off has been fantastic:

Photo 07-01-2013 07 38 32

I really feel like I’ve found my groove again!

I also loved blogging as part of Alpro’s Deskfest and creating some tasty recipes:


I tried to run a few fun giveaways this month and I’d like to say thanks for the great response! I still have the last few giveaway winners to announce tomorrow :-)

Instead of me doing my usual January detox thing, I just got back to some good solid healthy food but went easy on refined sugar,  stevia and nut butters. I’m happy to say that my jeans are fitting better and I’m back on the nut butters in a healthy way without feeling like I want to binge on them.

I did blog about my thoughts on the Paleo diet and the fact that I’m eating a much higher fat and protein diet right now (but not Paleo by a longshot). It just feels really good for my body, and some of the food has been delicious and very satisfying.

Photo 27-01-2013 09 04 44Sweet potato pancakes anyone?

Now that my jeans fit I’m making a very conscious effort to ensure I’m eating enough to maintain this size too. I also blogged a bit about finding your happy weight. Just writing that post has helped me be more accepting of myself at this size.

Oh and one other thing…

Love these Girls! Watching the first season on Sky + has been my favourite ‘me time’ activity.



February could be shaping up to be an absolutely spectacular month. I have something in the pipeline for next week and if it all happens as it should then I will be, well, pretty much speechless! Watch this space! I think the Healthy Magazine feature I was photographed for in November is published this month too, as well as that piece for the newspaper. I also have James Birthday and a glorious week off planned. I can’t wait! In terms of ‘goals’ for February I actually don’t have that many. I know that March is going to see a lot of work so I want to relax a little. There’s just a few things I’d like to do:

  • Film a vlog! It’s been too long
  • Share my redecorating projects from late last year here on the blog
  • Get booked in for acupuncture
  • Experiment with some new recipes
  • Say ‘no thank you’ more often
  • Have more pyjama days

How has 2013 been for you so far? Do you have anything specific you’d like to do in February? How often do you say no?