Seriously I don’t know where to start with this week its been that incredible, I’ve had to pinch myself at times to make sure I’m not in some kind of crazy dream. Healthy Magazine came out and then I met Gok Wan! I’m still waiting for some photos of us together as I did not have the opportunity to take any with my phone on the day, but here is the lovely Gok…


And me getting dolled up…

Photo 05-02-2013 16 51 25

Don’t ask about the random monkey! As I said I’ll be blogging all about the Gok thing very soon, he was so lovely and just how he comes across in his TV shows. We filmed a little piece for the Activia Feel Good Pledge and I was super chuffed to have done my bit in just two takes, the film crew even commented that I was very professional and a natural! Just two of us bloggers were invited to take part (I briefly met the lovely Amanda from The Women’s Room – check out this awesome blog!) so I felt pretty lucky to have been asked :-)

Other than that its been business as usual, working, seeing my fantastic Uniquely Healthy clients and fitting in exercise when I can…

  • Weekend – REST
  • Monday – Gym workout, 5 min cross trainer, LiveFit inspired workout legs, back, biceps, 10 min bike
  • Tuesday – In London – so rest
  • Wednesday – Gym workout, 5 min cross trainer, LiveFit inspired workout chest, triceps, shoulders, 10 min bike
  • ThursdayYoga Download 20 minute Detox Challenge Flow, 30 minute brisk walk to a meeting
  • Friday – Gym workout, 5 min cross trainer, LiveFit inspired workout abs, legs, back, biceps, 10 min bike

Food has been a challenge at times as I’ve been so busy but generally I think I’ve managed quite well. I made some courgette and watercress soup at the weekend, so lunches have been a mug of that soup followed by a salmon and olive salad with some of my home made raw sauerkraut and balsamic:

Photo 07-02-2013 13 02 26

Then some nuts to snack on. I took full advantage of being in London and visited Wholefoods before I had to jump on the train. I just had to hit the salad bar for a few different salads and some curried beef:

Photo 05-02-2013 18 23 42

I also tried some Kefir:

Photo 05-02-2013 18 32 06

And followed that with fruit, nuts and a tropical green tea from Pret in freezing cold Kings Cross:

Photo 05-02-2013 18 55 20

Other notable meals from this week include these protein pancakes with avocado and tahini:

Photo 07-02-2013 08 51 11

I just mixed a scoop of Life’s Basics unsweetened vanilla protein powder with an egg and half a cup of egg whites to make the batter and fried in coconut oil, so good!

Last night I treated myself to a fat sirloin steak:

Photo 07-02-2013 17 59 13

I’ve always liked steak, although I was never a major meaty person in the past (until now!) I used to love a rare steak. This was from our local farm shop and I served it with roasted butternut, brussels and cauliflower, my absolute fave roast veggie combo right now.

Oh and I can’t forget this kabocha squash smoothie topped with coconut cream and raw snack mix:

Photo 04-02-2013 08 35 50 (1)


On the Love List this week…er everything!

Photo 05-02-2013 17 47 39

Alongside meeting Gok, the whole filming experience and healthy magazine coming out I also enjoyed the couple of hours I had in London after the shoot. As I said I visited Wholefoods and picked up just a couple of treats. Also…

Doing work with a local youth council – and reminding myself I’m still capable of working with teenagers! // my Dad sharing my Facebook updates on his timeline and being proud of me // Kissing Gok! // Meeting up with work colleagues I haven’t seen in ages and putting the world to rights // weighing myself for the first time in months, and not letting the number on the scales bother me // getting a lot of financial stuff organised // looking forward to having next week off!

In case you missed it:

I am very happy today as I have next week off! I love my job, but I am looking forward to some down time after a pretty mental January and early Feb, plus its James birthday, Shrove Tuesday and Valentines day next week, excited! What’s on your Love List this week? If you had a week off right now how would you spend it?

P.S apologies for the random test posts this week, I’ve been having some issues with my RSS feed but it should now be fixed, big thanks to Faye from Girl Does Geek!