Hello everyone, hope you are having a lovely Sunday! I’m hoping to take this one easy, I’ve got yet another busy, but very exciting week ahead :-)

These last couple of days have been great, I’ve started them in the same way, with a smoothie:

Photo 01-02-2013 08 37 21

I’m back on a smoothie in a bowl for breakfast kick. This was chard, spinach, frozen blueberries and strawberries, unsweetened almond milk, jarrow chocolate brown rice protein powder topped with  my sweet and salty nutty topping and this amazing raw snack mix:

Photo 01-02-2013 08 37 13 (1)

This came in my Nutribox and its lovely, can’t get enough of it!

I was off on Friday and James had a half day as we had plans. I ate a very quick lunch of scrambled eggs with roast squash and cinnamon topped with lots of almond butter:

Photo 01-02-2013 13 25 19

I love sweet egg scrambles like this! Then we headed off out for a look round the shops and dinner out…

Photo 01-02-2013 13 45 50

I wore the same dress I wore last week when I went out (Warehouse sale) but added some thick leggings (H&M), biker jacket (Warehouse), scarf (Dorothy Perkins), and bright yellow bag (H&M).

For dinner we went to the Handmade Burger Company:

Photo 01-02-2013 16 59 00

I had a free range scotch beef burger with cheese and bacon sans bun with coleslaw instead and a side salad. It was delicious but pretty expensive. I always think I could have made something just as good and much cheaper from home! I’ve been on a big burger kick these last few weeks, they are definitely full filling my need for added fat and protein right now.

After that we went to the Sage Gateshead to see Glen Hansard:

Photo 01-02-2013 19 26 49

He was in the movie The Commitments and the film Once. He was amazing and played a 2 and a half hour set! Great night indeed :-)

Then yesterday I got lots of work done and went to see my parents, nephews and best friends. Before I headed off I wanted to see if my home made raw sauerkraut was ready!

Photo 02-02-2013 12 17 04

I have wanted to try making this myself for a while but never had the guts to try it! Raw sauerkraut is rich in good bacteria for gut health. I just shredded up some regular and red cabbage mixed with salt, garlic and ginger and covered in water, stuffed the top with more cabbage leaves then wrapped the jar in tea towels and kept it warm for a week. I loved the pink colour! I had some with a red onion and goats cheese omelette for lunch:

Photo 02-02-2013 12 20 42

It has quite a tang! I think I’ll try shredding the cabbage more finely next time I make it too.

I had a brilliant afternoon with my friends, we went to check out a new craft shop that specialises in quilting:

Photo 02-02-2013 15 50 42

The range of fabrics were beautiful. I bought a few samples to get started, I’m thinking that some sewing will be a great relaxing activity!

How has your weekend been? Have you ever tried homemade raw sauerkraut? Do you do any crafty activities? Any quilting tips for me?