Hello guys, just a quickie post to let you know that I am in Healthy Magazine! You might remember that last November I blogged about going down to London for the photo shoot and now the article has been published!

Photo 07-02-2013 09 04 29

Healthy Magazine is available from Holland and Barrett stores, and its the March 2013, 100th issue that I am featured in. Big shout out to my fellow bloggers Philippa and Alex that were also featured – and are looking mighty fine I might add!

Photo 07-02-2013 09 04 19

I have to admit I was very nervous about the magazine coming out. When the photo’s were first taken I felt a bit weird about it all and to be honest I had some body hate moments. However I have looked back at the photos and feel that I look great, I think it was just seeing me look so different!

The interview with me in the magazine seems to have been edited quite a lot but I guess that is something to be expected. I couldn’t be happier to be in the magazine alongside a bunch of amazing women!

I did have a few extra shots from the shoot that I can now share since the feature has been published…




It feels so strange seeing me look like that!

What a week it has been for me, first the magazine coming out and then…if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you will probably know about it already – I MET GOK WAN!

Ahh I’m still buzzing from it! Full recap to come soon, have a great Thursday!