Hello everyone, happy Friday! With pancake day and Valentines all in one week I hope its been a fun one for you :-) As I was saying on Wednesday I’ve had a lovely week off with plenty of chill time! I have enjoyed having a little more time to cook, for example pancakes for breakfast on a week day…

Photo 14-02-2013 07 57 54

My simple protein pancakes made into two big ones with added blueberries and macadamia butter spread in between, yum! I also made traditional style pancakes for us on Tuesday morning, so good! As well as pancakes I’ve had my usual green (or sludge coloured in this case) smoothies:


This was kale, frozen blueberries, chocolate sun warrior protein powder, maca powder, unsweetened almond milk topped with pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, goji berries and bee pollen.

Meal of the week has to go to this really simple combo of crispy fried courgettes with garlic topped with two fried eggs and parmesan:


Those eggs I get from the farm shop are amazing, I went back yesterday and bought another two dozen! That was followed by a lovely treat dessert:


Raw chocolate Coyo coconut yoghurt with frozen raspberries. When I was in London last week I bought some Coyo from Wholefoods to bring home with me. It is the bomb!

Tuesday was James birthday so we went out for lunch:

Photo 12-02-2013 13 21 41

We went to The Big Mussel in Newcastle – a lovely fish and grill restaurant on the Quayside. I decided to have a steak with roasted root vegetables and bearnaise sauce. Mmm this was fab! I think I mentioned last week that I liked a good rare steak and this was cooked to medium rare perfection. Craving met!

As discussed in Wednesday’s post I’ve taken an even more laid back approach to workouts this week…

  • Weekend – REST + walk
  • Monday – Gym workout, 5 min cross trainer, LiveFit inspired workout legs and shoulders, 10 min bike
  • Tuesday – REST + walk (around Newcastle)
  • Wednesday – Gym workout, 5 min cross trainer, LiveFit inspired workout chest, back, abs, 10 min bike
  • Thursday – Gym workout, 5 min cross trainer, LiveFit inspired workout arms, abs, legs, 10 min bike + walk
  • Friday – REST

I’ve loved my strength workouts this week and really enjoyed them, I’m used to having to rush a little when I’m doing them before work but this week I have been able to take my time. I would have liked to do some yoga but with James being around it’s not as easy to find space to get my mat out. What I have liked is going out for little walks, either with James or on my own with a podcast to listen to. I’ve been feeling the need for more fresh air and being outdoors gives me more energy! We are lucky in that we have a woodland and some fields nearby that are nice for going walking…


I’m just looking forward to the spring and some sunshine now, if the weather had been nicer then a trip to the coast would have been had!

On the Love List this week…

never let

I really loved this post from Purely Twins on being true to yourself, in fact I am really enjoying their posts at the moment. Their attitude to diet and lifestyle has been inspiring, I love that they don’t label their diet and experiment with what works for their bodies and stay true to that and not worry about what people think! Also…

Spending lots of time with James, I love that crazy bearded guy to pieces! // waking up without an alarm // walking and the crisp fresh air // smoked bacon and almond butter // finally tackling my pile of ironing // The Darjeeling Limited // knowing that I have a Topshop giftcard to spend this weekend! // home made salted caramel mochas

In case you missed it…

Its been a busy blogging week!

What’s on your Love List this week? Did you do anything special for Valentines Day? As I said in the post over at Uniquely Healthy, we don’t really bother with Valentines day especially as it is so close to James birthday. We prefer to make more of a fuss of our anniversary instead, although it is a damn good excuse to eat some chocolate, or in my case several of those cashew coconut candies!

Do you like to spend time outdoors? What’s your favourite outdoor activity?