Don’t you just love Sundays? I’m writing this after having a lie in, drinking cacao butter blended coffee, going for a walk in the woods with James (we spotted some Deer!) and then devouring a plate of pancakes. As I mentioned on Friday we are now on holiday for the week so we both feel very relaxed. Yesterday was a lovely day too, I had a little lie in then made some blended coffee with some new organic butter I’d picked up from my local farm shop:

Photo 09-02-2013 07 55 29

I added a few drops of vanilla stevia and it tasted great!

Then I made a coconut flour microwave bake along with an apple and almond butter:

Photo 09-02-2013 08 18 16

I had also got that apple from the farm shop, it was one of the most delicious apples I’ve had in a long time!

Then I got ready to head into town:

Photo 09-02-2013 08 41 52OOTD: biker jacket: Warehouse, grey cardigan: French Connection, maroon scarf: Topshop, printed dress: Urban Outfitters, peacock feather necklace: Monsoon

I layered up to try and stay warm! When I was in Newcastle I picked up a few things from the market and met up with a lovely Uniquely Healthy client for a session. I treated myself to another good coffee:

Photo 09-02-2013 12 08 03

Pumphries is a Newcastle institution and makes the best coffee! Then it was home via my Mam and Dad’s to see them and my nephews.

Lunch was a really fab salad made with more goodies from the farm shop – some smoked bacon and avocado with balsamic dressing:

Photo 09-02-2013 13 12 47

I am having a bit of a bacon phase at the moment it seems!

Mid afternoon I snacked on a tub of full fat organic cottage cheese topped with some raw snack mix:

Photo 09-02-2013 15 11 44

After pottering about in the flat I had a relaxing bath then made dinner, a chicken curry made with some Rustic Indian Tarka sauce, cauliflower ‘rice’ and steamed broccoli:

Photo 09-02-2013 18 36 07

That sauce was really good, loved this meal!

Then for a Saturday night treat I had a nice big bar of the most amazing raw chocolate:

Photo 09-02-2013 18 46 04

Photo 09-02-2013 18 46 26

I had won this in a competition over at Sharon’s blog and my word it was amazing! I popped it in the freezer for a few minutes so it was extra crunchy. It’s from Magic Mayan Chocolate – I would definitely recommend!

Then it was a bottle of red between me and James while we watched TV, and in my usual style I was blotto after a couple of glasses…

Photo 09-02-2013 19 31 37

A great end to a lovely Saturday! I’ve just realised that I got pics of pretty much everything I ate yesterday so this is a bit of an unofficial What I Ate Saturday.

I had visited the farm shop at the end of the week and it had reminded me to visit more often, especially for locally raised and butchered meat, local organic dairy and the best free range eggs I’ve ever had. Their products are also reasonably affordable and on a good par with supermarket prices so I’m going to try and make more effort to spend my money there when I can and support a local business. I also love going to the market for fruit and veg! I’ve just been reading more on the Acorn Dairy website and they sound really good so I will have to try and purchase more from them.

Do you have a favourite brand of chocolate? I have to say that Crazy Caramel is going to take some beating! Do you ever visit a farm shop or farmer market? I wish we had farmers markets here in the UK on the scale that they seem to be in the US. I don’t think I would stop shopping at the supermarket but it would be nice to make more effort to shop with local businesses as well.  How about coffee, if you are a coffee fan do you have a favourite kind or a favourite coffee shop?