One of the things on my 2013 wish list is to finally get my finances in order. I can’t afford to be disorganised, especially when I’m trying to run a couple of businesses! Part of being prepared for all eventualities is generating more savings, and its with that in mind that I’ve been considering areas where I can cut a few corners and save money. However I also firmly believe that you need to invest in your health, so how do you find that balance?

Things to save money on

Eating out! Why have burger when you can have steak at home?

Super foods and ‘fancy’ stuff

As much as I love my super foods like lucuma and mesquite and things like kelp noodles they are mega expensive and certainly not essential components of a healthy diet! I love experimenting with different ingredients when I can afford it, but now that I’ve had my fun I think I need to only get the ones that I actually feel have a measurable benefit. For me, I still like maca powder as I feel it is a good thing for me now (stress and hormone rebalancing) so I don’t mind treating myself to that.

Pre made dips and sauces

I need to remember that I can make hummus at home myself that tastes fabulous much cheaper than I can buying a tub in the supermarket, especially when getting the more pricey stuff like Sabra.

Naughty Nut Butters

I love Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut butter as much as the next girl, but it’s not cheap, and given the rate that I go through the stuff it isn’t that healthy either! I’ve found I’m perfectly happy with tahini and almond butter – my true loves and if I ever do fancy a naughty nut butter I’m more than able to make my own!

Fancy Teas

I have a ridiculous collection of teas. Its quite insane really given that most of the time I’m happy drinking a decent quality green tea. I think from now on I will be more choosey about my teas, just buying the ones that I really love rather than multiple different varieties.

Eating out (and Starbucks Coffee)

I do like eating out from time to time, however it does not come cheap and a lot of the time I feel I can make a better meal at home. You can easily save money by reducing how often you eat out. Along side this I had developed a rather expensive Starbucks habit, when a just as good coffee from a locally owned shop tastes just as good and is cheaper.

Organic store cupboard goods and some fruit and veg

As much as I love organic, I can’t afford to purchase everything I would like. A good place to save with organics is the foods that you don’t eat as often. As a fan of whole fresh foods that tends to be mostly store cupboard items and condiments. Also not purchasing organic fruits like bananas and oranges – the items where you don’t eat the skin, is a good place to save. Savings here means I can spend more on organics of the things I do purchase more of.

Things to splurge on

Photo-09-02-2013-18-46-26_thumb.jpgGood quality chocolate like this raw chocolate is worth a little splurge for me!


Yep, I may seem like I’m contradicting myself but bear with me. I lurrve coffee, and to me there’s nothing worse than instant stuff. I feel like its worth spending a little bit more on a good quality organic coffee that I just drink once a day. It also makes it easier to avoid Starbucks!

Organic Meat and Dairy

I do try as much as possible to purchase organic meat and dairy – I feel that the quality is far superior to regular non organic products, as well as having better welfare standards and having higher levels of healthy omega 3 fats!


Cheap chocolate sucks, give me a bar of Green and Blacks over two or three bars of Cadbury’s any day! Organic dark chocolate also contains less sugar and more antioxidants than the cheap stuff, and if you splash out on raw those benefits are even greater!

Gym membership

I do have a reasonable priced gym, but I will always feel like its worth spending money here for the benefits I gain from it. I make good use of it my going at least 3 times a week.

Organic fruit and vegetables (sometimes)

I do believe its worth buying organic fruit and vegetables when I can. Just as with meat and dairy, I feel that they are a healthier choice. However I have changed my approach, I used to but mountains of fruit in particular and then struggle to get through it, now I get a smaller, better quality and in season range. It’s most effective to purchase organic when you will be eating the skin of the produce too, such as apples.

Where do you save and where do you like to splurge?

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