Talk about coming back to earth with a thud, after having some time off its been back to it again this week! I generally like being kept busy, and as I decided to make some changes in how I manage my work load its been easier than it could have been. I used to try and multi task, but now I’m making a real effort to focus on one task at a time, and things like checking emails and social media has been kept to certain times so I’m not constantly checking things and losing my concentration!

At the weekend I made a lovely cottage pie which did us for two meals…


I love things like this – they taste so good, James likes it too, and it makes two portions. Cooking once and eating twice!

I’ve also been falling back on some simple meals while I’ve been busy, some of my favourites including steamed or roast veggies with some meat such as this harissa spiced pork chops and steamed kale and broccoli:


That was the first time I’ve ever tried pork chops and they were lovely! They went very well with the harissa. Then I tried some steak with roast squash and brussels:


Of course that’s not all I’ve been having, eggs with veggies and avocado and big salads with feta and olives have been great for lunches, always accompanied by some beef bone broth and some nuts to snack on afterwards:



Most mornings I’ve been having green smoothies after the gym as they are quick and easy to make and can be eaten on the go while I’m getting ready:


This was spinach, pear, chocolate sun warrior and kara coconut milk, yum!

For desserts I can’t seem to get out of the frozen berries and yoghurt ‘rut’:


I’ve been having some delicious Coyo this week, so sad that its now all gone! I have missed my carbs a bit this week, I think just due to rubbish planning on my part – it was so good to have some roasted squash and carrots for a few more starchy veggies once I’d got round to roasting them up. As always I’m experimenting with what works for me, and although a lower carb approach has been working for me recently, I have definitely been too low this week and I think my energy has suffered. I’ve been noticing lots of changes in my body since I started eating more meat, some positive and some negative. A wordy post is definitely in the pipeline!

Workouts this week…

I have ended up doing some YouTube videos for yoga as when we have been sorting out cupboards at home James managed to move my workout DVD’s and I had no idea where to find them!


As it turned out it was a positive thing as I really enjoyed doing the YouTube videos for a cha
nge. They are definitely excellent for adding in more variety to your routine and avoiding boredom setting in!

On the Love List this week…


Earlier in the week I did my first Google Hangout Live Chat all about using Evernote for Health and Fitness with my lovely friend, fellow Evernote Ambassador Bryan from Singapore. It was so much fun! I really enjoyed doing it, you can watch the whole chat on YouTube if you would like to hear us waffle on ;-) Also…

Meeting with lots of Uniquely Healthy clients this week was wonderful! // getting excited about the future // the sunshine we had at the weekend // developing healthy eating and body image projects to do out in the community // emails from some lovely readers

In case you missed it…

What’s on your Love List this week? Do you use YouTube for workouts? Any favourite videos?