I definitely have a Sunday morning ritual…


I get up, have my lemon and warm water and then make a blended coffee – this morning I used some butter and maple syrup – utterly delicious! Then I watch the latest episode of Girls on Sky+. So sad it was the last episode of the season, I cried my eyes out at the end, Adam is crazy but so sweet! Anyone else watch Girls?

Then I made a coconut flour wrap topped with tahini and some sliced figs:


I think figs must be one of the most beautiful fruits. Then I usually start something off in the kitchen. I made my beef bone broth yesterday so today I thought I would try my hand at cooking a gammon joint! I soaked it overnight, boiled it and poured away the cooking water (to get rid of the salt as it was cured) then boiled for an hour with some onion and celery. I cut away the fat and scored the skin then made a simple glaze with honey and dark soy sauce:


It’s looking pretty good after a quick roasting in a hot oven! All ready for lunch a bit later. I used the cooking water as a base for some red lentil and vegetable soup – I soaked the lentils overnight with apple cider vingear to increase digestibility and then I’ve used onions, celery, chopped tomatoes and a whole head of cos lettuce to make the soup. It is definitely soup weather right now!

On Friday I went and did a huge grocery shop as our fridge, freezer and cupboards where getting pretty empty. I went to the farm shop, market, Waitrose and Sainsbury’s:

PicMonkey Collage

I love having a full kitchen! I also managed to stock up with a load of kabocha squash as well, score!

On Friday night I cooked some farm shop simply pork sausages for dinner – I had mine with roast swede chips, brussels and ketchup:


Last night I cooked a rump steak and had that with a baked sweet potato and more sprouts – I’m trying to enjoy all the brussel sprouts I can before they disappear from the shops!


While I was looking to use up some of the things I already had in the freezer, I thought I should try the black pudding I’d bought from the farmers market a while ago:


I did a breakfast for lunch yesterday and fried a couple of eggs with a leftover sausage and the black pudding. I enjoyed it but not sure I would seek it out in future!

Breakfast yesterday was a little more fresh tasting:


I blended some mixed frozen berries with a cup of raw milk and topped with Coyo coconut yoghurt (heaven!) and some dried pomegranate seeds I picked up at the Vitality Show. I’d also bought some whole cacao beans and inca berries which I couldn’t wait to try. I had them as a snack along with some lemon salted roast almonds from Whole Foods:


I’ll be doing a full review of the cacao beans, inca berries and pomegranate seeds soon!

Other than eating and cooking I’ve been seeing friends and family – I had a lovely afternoon yesterday seeing my Mam and Dad and my nephews and then my two best friends and their kids. I even got cuddles from the boys! My friend had some Yorkshire tea, usually I’m not much of a regular tea drinker but I do like strong Yorkshire tea with a splash of whole milk!

So that has been my weekend! I haven’t felt like exercising, and all in line with listening to my body as part of my conscious living experiment I’ve been quite lazy. I probably would have went out for a walk if the weather had been nicer. What I have been doing this weekend is having an early night. I’ve been in bed at 9pm on Friday and last night, I just feel like I’ve really needed it, I’ve still been waking up at my usual 6 am though – I am definitely a morning person! To sound like my grandma, an hour before midnight is worth two after!

How has your weekend been? Do you have a Sunday morning ritual? What is your usual bedtime? Are you a morning or evening person?