Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you are enjoying your weekend so far. I had a great day yesterday, the sun was shining and I spent the day with some of my favourite people!

IMG_1847Check out that blue sky!

James and I walked into Durham to meet up with my Sister-in-law for a coffee and to pick up a couple of things from the market. It was the first time I’ve really went to the market and looked at what meat is available. I was really happy to find one of the local farm shops selling products and one of the indoor market holders providing locally raised unusual meats like venison, rabbit and duck.


I bought some diced venison, black pudding, beef liver, bacon and bacon bones (which are simmering away right now making bone broth for next week). I also went to the green grocers for some veggies:


A huge cucumber, cauliflower, swede, carrots, little gem lettuce, swiss chard and celery.

I ended up wearing two different outfits yesterday!

PicMonkey CollageNo 1 – denim shirt: New Look, floral skirt: Dorothy Perkins, tan leather belt: Topshop, black leggings: Topshop, brown boots: ASOS.

No 2 – cream cardigan: Zara, ACDC tee shirt: can’t remember where I got that!, denim jeans: Moto from Topshop via charity shop (still rocking the boot cuts!), leopard print flats: Topshop

I wore the first outfit for walking to Durham, thick leggings and all, but I was so warm! I got changed into something more comfortable when we came home for lunch (I made omelettes!) before I went to see my Mam, Dad and nephews and then my best friend and her little girls. Then it was home for steak and chips for dinner:


Well, my version of that at least! I had swede chips and roasted brussels along with my steak. Then I had a Saturday night treat of some delicious raw chocolate:


I can remember when I would only allow myself half a bar of chocolate at a time, not any more! I enjoyed every bite of this raw mint chocolate! Later on I still had my bowl of frozen raspberries and Greek yoghurt while watching the TV too!

Other tastiness from this weekend…


On Friday I had this salad with goats cheese, blueberries, pecans and balsamic. It was delicious!


On Friday night I made a chicken korma with organic chicken thigh meat, korma paste and coconut milk along with my current favourite incarnation of cauliflower rice (grated cauliflower mixed with ground almonds and garam masala) and steamed greens.


Yesterday morning I had an amazing kabocha squash smoothie (roast squash blended with vanilla sun warrior protein powder, ice and unsweetened almond milk) topped with coconut milk cream and gojis.


Last but not least my sweet potato pancakes with bacon and almond butter for breakfast this morning!

How often do you end up changing clothes during the day?
I have a habit of coming in from where ever I have been and changing straight into my PJ’s even if its lunchtime! I do like wearing more comfy things like yoga pants and vest tops when I’m just going to be around the house. When I know I’ll be playing with the kids I might as well just have jeans and t-shirt on in case I end up covered in something unpleasant! Saying that I would have been sad if my ACDC tee ended up getting damaged, I do love my band t-shirts! Do you own any band t-shirts?

How have you spent your weekend so far?