Hi everyone, how’s it going? Ready for the weekend yet? I most certainly am, but I have today off again to ‘work’ so I’m kind of starting the weekend early, yey!

Photo 12-03-2013 07 30 37

I’m just hoping that we don’t get anymore damn snow! I can’t believe that this time last year it was pretty warm!


So I’ve been cracking on with my little conscious living experiment and its been amazing. I’m noticing lots of little things and learning more about myself in the process, for example this breakfast held me over for 6 hours:

Photo 12-03-2013 06 38 25

Sweet potato topped with coconut oil and two fried eggs, so delicious and satisfying! This breakfast did me for about 4 hours:

Photo 14-03-2013 06 38 52

I wanted to try oats again. Not so much because I was craving them, I just wanted to see how my body reacted after not having them in a while. I soaked some oats in water with a little lemon juice overnight (to reduce anti nutrients and make them creamier) then cooked them in water with a whole egg whisked in and topped with butter and maple syrup. I also had a small glass of raw milk on the side. My digestion was excellent after this (no bloating or gas) but it didn’t hold me over as long as I thought it would, although I am thinking that fat and carbs seem to be a good combo for me.

Post gym (so later than I’d usually eat breakfast) I made the most gorgeous milkshake like smoothie:

Photo 13-03-2013 08 33 51

This was a banana, frozen strawberries and raw organic milk topped with some bee pollen and it was really good!

Other meals have been soup and salads. On Monday I was craving soup so made a pan of my pea, broccoli and pesto soup with some beef bone broth as the base:

Photo 11-03-2013 12 26 07

Oh this soup is so good! Warm and comforting but nice for the spring. Then salads have been with salmon, and for the first time, mackerel!


I bought a tin of mackerel packed in olive oil to try and I was pleasantly surprised! Great source of omega 3s and affordable to boot! I had it with home made sauerkraut and jalapeno stuffed olives.

One day I had a sweet potato with salmon and spinach for lunch:

Photo 13-03-2013 12 07 45

That really did the trick, I’m thinking that sweet potatoes are the way forward!

Dinner has been a pork loin with veggies. One evening kale and cauliflower mash and the other pesto cauli rice and steamed veggies:

PicMonkey Collage

Plus butter on the veggies. Then desserts have been fruit with coconut cream:

Photo 12-03-2013 19 38 04

Sometimes followed with a chunk of raw chocolate when that hasn’t quite satisfied me!

Most random meal of the week has to go to..

Photo 11-03-2013 12 50 52

Dates stuffed with goats cheese, eaten after a sliced red pepper and a bowl of that soup. This was just what I fancied so I went with it!

Workouts this week…

  • Weekend – REST
  • Monday – Gym workout, 5 min cross trainer, plank, LiveFit inspired workout chest, back, abs 10 min treadmill jog
  • Tuesday –  30 minute walk and a bit of yoga to stretch when I got home
  • Wednesday – Gym workout, 5 min cross trainer, plank, LiveFit inspired workout legs, shoulders, 10 min bike
  • Thursday – REST
  • Friday – Gym workout, 5 min cross trainer, LiveFit inspired workout legs, arms, abs, 5 minutes step machine

Alongside the food stuff I’m also trying to be conscious when it comes to exercise and doing what I feel like. I jogged on the treadmill instead of the bike on Monday because I felt like it and I have given myself complete permission to skip exercise altogether if I feel I need to, but so far I’ve been really looking forward to my workouts as usual.

On the Love List this week…

Photo 12-03-2013 17 55 34

Despite the cold and snow I am still enjoying being outdoors and I love getting wrapped up in my hat and scarf! Also…

Going out for dinner with fellow IIN student Hiba, we went to Las Iguanas and enjoyed some tasty South American cuisine // my hubby being interviewed for a radio station linked to his music blog // buying a new handbag with some Topshop vouchers // chilling out with Reiki and acupuncture // milk shakes

In case you missed it…there’s rather a lot so get ready!

  • I posted over at The High Tea Cast about what I learned from losing my period. It’s very much a post about my history with healthy living so please head on over and give it a read if you are interested!
  • The Uniquely Healthy March Newsletter came out – full of tips for getting a spring in your step, healthy living prompts for March, a cleansing spring tea and an amazing testimonial from one of my clients!
  • I also posted an article on Uniquely Healthy all about Heart Health
  • I talked about the link between healthy finances and healthy living
  • Posted my recipe for the luscious Sweet Potato Chocolate Chip Almond Butter Chunk Cake Bars
  • I did a vlog all about natural skin care

I think I’m going to do a video diary for the conscious living experiment so keep an eye on my YouTube channel, and of course head over to the Uniquely Healthy Facebook Page to follow along!

One last quick thing, those of you that use Google Reader to follow my posts will probably know that they are phasing it out in a couple of months. I’m going to switch to Bloglovin as my way to follow blogs and if you’d like to follow KHGS just click this button!

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How has your week been? What’s on your Love List this week? What breakfast do you find the most satisfying and filling?