I am officially fed up of waiting for spring to get started! I know it doesn’t technically start until the clocks change but I am really feeling ready for some better weather. I decided to go ahead and sort out my wardrobe regardless:

Photo 17-03-2013 10 07 46

I have kept out a couple of warmer coats and a few jumpers but it was good to get some shell tops and dresses out! It’s been a bit of a mixed experience as I had to put away a few items that no longer fit me because they are too small. Urgh. But at the same time there is still a lot of gorgeous clothes that do fit me, and some of which look better on a figure with boobs and hips. It’s been interesting to see that some styles that suited me just a few pounds ago look crap on me now – I could get away with less fitted, flowy tops when I was thinner but now I feel I need things that are more figure hugging! I have to admit I have been struggling with the F word this weekend, the F word being ‘Fat’. Luckily I have James to pick me up when I’m feeling a bit down. Plus I only ever seem to feel down for a little while before I give myself a mental bitch slap and tell myself to pull it together!

I decided to make myself some bacon for breakfast to cheer me up, and even the sun has come out!


Now that is what I call a breakfast! Bacon, scrambled eggs, roast nectarines and a blob of almond butter to finish it off!

I don’t think it helped that last night I did a bit of mindless snacking on dried fruit, seeds and cacao nibs – which just typing that makes me realise how ridiculous that sounds! I was feeling hungry, so I ate, but what I’ve noted down in my conscious living experiment is that there are times when I can not trust my body’s hunger signals, Saturday evenings sat in front of the TV are one of those times. I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with some weekend snackies, but for me it can get out of control and lead to those ‘fat’ thoughts. I know a lot of us struggle with this kind of eating, and generally I have this kind of thing under control as I have developed ways of dealing with it,  but as I said a few seeds and dried berries isn’t the end of the world anyway ;-)

I had made myself this delicious pizza for dinner:


Oh this was so good! I made the base with a mix of coconut flour, egg whites and Italian seasoning and I was amazed at how well it came together. It tasted more doughy than a socca base and really puffed up! I topped it with roast peppers, courgette and cheddar cheese then added some fresh basil. Although I think there was enough calories there, it didn’t touch the sides – I think another thing I’ve learned is that despite the energy content of the meal, I need volume and fibre to feel fully satisfied.

After I annihilated that, I had a bar of this:


Wow, this stuff was good! I think it came in my Nutribox. I will definitely be on the look out for this again it was fab!

I also had a bowl of roasted nectarines, frozen raspberries and greek yoghurt:


An example of a meal which did hit the spot:


I’d made the spicy beef for dinner last week and had the leftovers on top of some lettuce with half an avocado. It was a great meal and left me feeling really satisfied. So did this dinner from Friday night:


Chicken korma with my curried cauliflower rice and steamed veggies, yum yum!

I also had a craving for a green smoothie yesterday:


This was a super simple mix of spinach, frozen banana and raw milk. It really reminded me how amazing green smoothies are, it tasted so good and I felt fab after drinking it, like I really needed those greens!

On Friday I posted a video with me waffling on about how I’ve been findin
g the 21 day conscious living experiment so check it out if you are bored this Sunday and fancy having a laugh at me with no make up on ;-)


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How has your weekend been? Do you have a wardrobe sort out when the seasons change?

I think all of us struggle with fat thoughts and feelings sometimes, it just makes us human. But we don’t have to let them win. If you feel like losing weight would be a good thing for your health and self esteem then go for it – there’s nothing wrong with that. If not then I find that reminding yourself that health is way more important than looks are, and focusing on what makes you happy rather than measuring yourself against an unrealistic ideal can help, at least a bit. I know that sometimes they can be very difficult thoughts and feelings to overcome. How do you deal with ‘fat’ thoughts?