Well I’ve had a bit of a random kind of week! Random but good I should say, as I mentioned on Wednesday I was off but not really off on Monday and I’m doing the same today. However I was very inspired by reading some of your comments to that post and decided to do a deal with myself – work really bloody hard today in exchange for having the rest of the weekend to be a lazy cow and bake. Sounds like a plan!

I’ve had some really tasty food this week, here’s a few highlights….

Simple and delicious baked salmon with a baked sweet potato, steamed broccoli and butter:


Farm shop pork and cranberry sausages with creamy cauliflower mash, steamed greens and broccoli:


For breakfasts, a slice of avocado bread topped with a fried egg (runny yolk of course) an apple and almond butter:


Apple and cinnamon egg scramble (just a sliced apple fried until softened with a couple of eggs scrambled in plus cinnamon) topped with almond butter:


Tasty snack of roast kabocha squash topped with coconut cream:


Double chocolate protein cake filled with coconut butter:


I made that protein cake with the following ingredients:

  • 2 tbsp of chocolate brown rice protein powder (the kind I linked to in my iHerb post earlier in the week)
  • 1 tbsp of cocoa powder
  • 1 tbsp of liquid egg white
  • 3 tbsp of water
  • 1/4 tsp of baking powder
  • 20 drops of liquid stevia (also in the iHerb post)

Just mix it all up, pour into a little greased bowl (I used a ramekin with spray oil) and microwave for 60 seconds. When I made this one I added some chunks of coconut butter after I’d poured half the batter in. So yum.

Workouts this week…

  • Weekend – REST + walk to town
  • Monday – Gym workout, 5 min cross trainer, LiveFit inspired workout chest, back, abs 10 min bike
  • Tuesday –  30 minute walk and a jog in my vibrams!
  • Wednesday – Gym workout, 5 min cross trainer, LiveFit inspired workout legs, shoulders , 10 min bike
  • ThursdayYoga download 20 minute detox challenge flow
  • Friday – Gym workout, 5 min cross trainer, LiveFit inspired workout legs, arms, abs, 10 min bike

I had been planning to do yoga on Tuesday but when I got in from work the weather was so beautiful I decided to go outside and enjoy it! I wore my vibram five fingers and I was enjoying myself so much I actually decided to try a little jog! I did 30 minutes of walking with 3 mini jogs thrown in as I fancied. It wasn’t intensive exercise of course, but I enjoyed myself so much and it was good to give the vibrams a proper test drive – I am officially in love with these, jogging felt so natural!

On the Love List…


My first order of organic raw milk and some pouring yoghurt! I have been intrigued to try raw dairy for some time now and decided to place an order from Hook and Son. I was going to talk about my thoughts on dairy, but that really warrants its own post, so that is coming up soon. All I will say is that so far I am really enjoying the milk, it tastes incredible! Also…

Getting stocked up on farm eggs and organic apples while the chickens wondered around the shop // exciting planning meetings at work // great sessions with Uniquely Healthy clients and a lovely testimonial from one of them! // seeing my family and friends at the weekend // the hint of spring in the air // winning a cool prize – more on that next week // delivery of natural skincare goodies – more on that next week too! // Skyping with my friend Nathalie

In case you missed it:

What’s on your Love List this week? Any plans for the weekend? I am now looking forward to some laziness ;-) What was the last deal you did with yourself?