Hope you’ve all had a great Easter weekend and have enjoyed lots of Easter eggs!

Photo 31-03-2013 16 13 46

My Mam and Dad know me so well!

I’ve just about recovered from this weekend, we had a great night out on Good Friday…

good friday Hoochie Koochie

…but I paid for it on Saturday! James, his sister Katy and our friend Jonathan came out to Hoochie Coochie our favourite Funk and Soul club in Newcastle. James and I went for a meal before hand at a Chinese buffet restaurant. Our usual Italian was shut unfortunately, why I agreed to go to a chinese buffet place I’ll never know. Those places are not a good idea for me at all! Anyway after that we went for a few drinks before heading to the club. I had a few wonderful cocktails and some red wine and danced the night away. As you can see from those pics we had a lot of fun! I experimented with putting my hair in a bun:


I’m slowly but surely growing my hair longer and had bought a bun loop to try out, I loved it!

As I was saying I paid for those cocktails on Saturday with a bit of a hangover. The day turned into one spent watching movies and eating Cadbury’s Mini Eggs and not doing much else! Actually it was really nice to do nothing – I think I checked Facebook and twitter a couple of times but other than that I didn’t switch the lap top on and just totally chilled out.

Breakfast was a bottle of coconut water (best hangover cure!) and then a green smoothie:


Spinach, frozen banana, frozen peaches, raw milk and peanut butter and raisins on top. Yum yum! I did venture out to get the Saturday papers and spent the morning reading them with coffee at my side:


I make an epic hangover lunch:


Two fried eggs, two pieces of smoked bacon and half and avocado with a milky breakfast tea, this was just what I needed!

Today I made some coconut pancakes with a fried egg and avocado for breakfast:


I love using the yolk like syrup for the pancakes! Then I did some cooking and baking and got ready to go to my parents for lunch:

Photo 31-03-2013 12 55 54OOTD: biker jacket: Warehouse, scarf: Topshop, purple sweater: Next, floral dress: Warehouse, tights: Sainsbos probably, tan brogues: Topshop

As it happens we have seen a little bit of sunshine this weekend! Thanks for all our entries to the Zalando giveaway (which ends tonight!) you gave me loads of outfit ideas. I ended up wearing a floral dress with a jumper on top and my hair up in a bun again :-)

Lunch was lovely, my Mam is a great cook. She made a gammon and some quiche:

Photo 31-03-2013 13 48 51

I also had a slice of pizza, more quiche then fresh pineapple, strawberries and grapes with cream and a slice of this:


Caramel Apple Cake – grain free and refined sugar free, recipe coming very soon!

It’s also the last day of my 21 day super conscious living experiment, really looking forward to doing a big post what I have learned as well as rounding up my March and talking about my goals for April soon.

How has your weekend been? What is your favourite Easter treat food? I love Mini Eggs so really enjoyed them and I can’t wait to dig into that Green and Blacks!