Well it may not feel like Easter weather wise but I’m not going to let that stop me this weekend. I bought a nice bunch of flowers for the flat to try and bring some sunshine in, and this morning I’m giving the place a good clean ready for the long weekend.

Photo 29-03-2013 07 38 13

It’s been a good week for me but I have noticed I haven’t quite been feeling my usual sparkly self. I’m hoping its hormonal or maybe its just because of the crap weather. I am feeling a bit better today though!

A lot of my meals this week have been repeated – something I don’t like doing all the time because I enjoy variety, but when they taste good I don’t mind so much! I’ve had a few lunches with the lentil and veggie soup I made at the weekend with some avocado bread on the side and I’ve also had this delicious dinner twice:


Some organic mined beef in passata with mushrooms mixed with courgette spaghetti and topped with parmesan and basil. Love this comforting meal!

Frozen berries and yoghurt are constant desserts as too, nothing else seems to satisfy me like they do, even chocolate!

Breakfast is always my favourite meal of the day. I’ve had apple scrambles with cinnamon and peanut butter:


Two egg omelette with goats cheese and naturally sweetened black cherry jam:

Photo 28-03-2013 06 48 05

Rather a strange combo of a sweet potato milk shake made with one cooled baked sweet potato, a cup of raw milk and cinnamon with a fried egg on the side:


That was just what I felt like eating so I went with it!

Workouts this week…

  • Weekend – REST – literally did nothing
  • Monday – Gym workout – 5 mins cross trainer warm up, plank, 5 min HIIT treadmill, legs and shoulders, 10 min HIIT bike
  • Tuesday –  Yoga for Runners 20 minute podcast from Yoga Download
  • Wednesday – Gym workout – 5 mins cross trainer warm up, plank, 5 min HIIT treadmill, chest, back and abs, 10 min HIIT bike
  • Thursday – REST
  • Friday – Gym workout, 5 min cross trainer warm up, plank, 5 min HIIT treadmill, legs, biceps, triceps, 10 min HIIT bike

On the Love List this week…


You have to check out Gizoogle – it is the funniest thing, it really cheered up my Monday evening! Just search for anything and see what comes up. I checked out my Twitter page – I particularly liked the ‘fruity-ass malt liquor freak’n chronic smoothie drinker’ line. Also…

The audio lectures that have been streaming from the Village Green Network as part of their Healthy Life Summit– lots of great information on nutrition from various paleo / traditional diet folks // Green People’s Mascara – review coming soon! // exciting changes happening at work // relaxing in my acupuncture session // making up a new Pinterest board featuring all my recipes!

In case you missed it…


Well today is day 19 of my experiment! I posted another you tube video diary with a lot more detail on my skin care routine for those of you that have asked about it. As I say in the video I’m learning loads about myself. Letting go of what I thought I knew and not worrying about any labels or what I feel I should or shouldn’t eat has been liberating. I can’t wait to round it all up in a post to share w
hat I’ve learned!

What’s on your Love List this week?

I am super excited about this weekend, tonight we are out for a meal and then to a gig in a Funk and Soul club, tomorrow will be spent nursing a hangover no doubt, but I’m also up for some cooking and baking. Then Sunday we will be seeing the family and eating a lot of Cadbury’s Mini Eggs!

What do you have planned for the Easter weekend? How do you create a bit of brightness at home?