Last week the lovely Anna and Lucy nominated me for a couple of blog awards:


I have to admit that I am usually pretty useless at posting in response to these! I am so grateful when other bloggers think of me, but I always seem to forget to write a post in response. However I thought that since it has been a while, and as these awards are both about posting 7 things about yourself, I would join in!

1. I’ve been dying my hair since I was 12. I started with those mousse hair colours – mahogany colour of course! Since then I’ve tried henna, I’ve had blue streaks, red streaks, I’ve had blonde highlights, dark brown and of course – red!

2. I used to be into wicca and witchcraft – I had a phase when I was a teenager after watching The Craft. I even wore a pentacle. Actually a lot of the stuff I picked up then has stayed with me and is part of how I see the world now / my spiritual beliefs. Perhaps that’s why I enjoy making bone broth and soups – I feel like a witch with a cauldron!

3. I spoke at the European Parliament in Brussels when I was part of a citizens panel a few years ago. It was a bit of a life changing experience for me as before then I was petrified of public speaking.

4. Foods I don’t like include celeriac, raw celery (but I love it juiced, in smoothies and cooked) and seafood. I honestly think I will eat pretty much anything else.

5. When I was about 18 I kissed a Newcastle United football player on a night out (but I won’t kiss and tell)

6. I’ve had my heart broken in a big way, twice.

7. I was a very fussy eater growing up, I would eat tinned vegetable soup, jacket potatoes covered in vitalite spread and sweets – that’s all I can remember eating for about 3 years when I was 9 years old. Now I don’t know of many people who will eat as much as I do (see point 4!) My Nana used to try and trick me into eating proper butter instead of spread but I could always tell the difference. Seems my Nana was on to something – butter is so much better than processed spreads!

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Tell me something random about you!

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