Hello everyone, happy Friday! I’m not even going to mention the weather, just be assured I’m adequately pissed off with the lack of spring sunshine! This week has been fab though, its been a busy one but with lots of fun stuff!

I have been trying to wait until today to do a big grocery shop so some meals have been a little bit random. I had some liquid egg whites to use up and the last few eggs so I’ve been enjoying a lot of coconut flour pancakes / wraps for breakfast:


This one was topped with mashed avocado, honey, bee pollen and a sprinkle of sea salt. Then I made another topped with a mashed sweet potato and tahini:


Pretty much the same basic recipe as the pizza base I made at the weekend – recipe coming soon!

I roasted up an onion squash and had it for dinner along with baked salmon, steamed broccoli and slowly cooked red cabbage and onion:


Then had the leftover squash for breakfast!


With Greek yoghurt and some home made maple vanilla sea salt almond butter – I just mixed some plain almond butter with maple sugar (which gives it a lovely crunch), some vanilla extract and a pinch of salt. It’s dangerously good!

Favourite snack of the week  has to go to this:


Banana with cashew butter – absolute heaven!

Workouts this week…

  • Weekend – REST although I think I went for a little walk on the Saturday to stretch my legs
  • Monday – Gym workout – 5 mins cross trainer warm up, plank, 5 min HIIT treadmill, lower body strength, 5 min HIIT treadmill, upper body strength, 5 min HIIT bike, abs
  • Tuesday –  15 minutes yoga – just faffing about myself – did plough pose and downward dog on the wall
  • Wednesday – Gym workout – 5 mins cross trainer warm up, plank, 5 min HIIT treadmill, lower body strength, 5 min HIIT treadmill, upper body strength, 5 min HIIT bike, abs
  • Thursday – REST
  • Friday – Gym workout, 5 min cross trainer warm up, plank, 5 min HIIT treadmill, squats, deadlifts, chest press, rows, tricep kickbacks, bicep curl, 5 min HIIT bike

This week has been a funny one exercise wise. I really felt the urge to change things up and I’ve done some high intensity interval training (HIIT) again. I know I need to keep an eye on the intensity of my workouts but this actually felt really good – it was nice to work up a bit of a sweat again! This morning I just couldn’t be arsed though – I was feeling tired from yesterday. I knew I’d feel better for a workout but I kept it short and sweet at 30 minutes.

On the Love List this week…

Vitality Show

Yesterday I had a little trip down to London! I was invited along to the Vitality Show so thought I’d make a day of it. I met up with a lovely PR contact for a fab tapas style lunch and then headed up to Earls Court for the show. It was a lot of fun, I met some great people behind a lot of my favourite products and brands, as well as discovering some new ones and ate far too many samples of snack bars! Of course no trip to London is complete without a pilgrimage to Wholefoods.

On the way out of Kensington High Street tube station I saw a froyo shop and even though I was full from samples I couldn’t resist:


Sooo good! I was planning on meeting the gorgeous Chrissy Grace at Wholefoods but she spotted me in Yoo Moo and joined me! Then we hit up Wholefoods…


Grace is just so lovely, it was absolutely delightful to spend time chatting to her – I felt like we had been friends forever!

I got a few bits and bobs – raw chocolate, luna bars, herbal tea, peanut butter & co smooth operator – i.e. the best peanut butter in the world. Then we enjoyed some salad bar treats:


I also had some hot bar curries and then this cold bar salad box with chunks of tofu, broccoli salad, hummus and some forbidden rice salad. It was delicious as always!

Then it was back to Kings Cross and home :-) I do love visiting London!

In case you missed it:

Photo 17-03-2013 14 40 17

Looking for a healthy chocolate treat that only takes 2 minutes to make? Check out my recipe for a microwavable chocolate brownie cookie over at Uniquely Healthy! The post also has loads of ideas for getting a healthy chocolate fix!


I did another vlog about my super conscious living experiment! Please check out the Facebook page for more updates on how its all going.


How has your week been? What’s on your Love List? Have you ever been to the Vitality Show?