Well I have just had a lovely weekend so far! I was feeling a bit frazzled at the end of the week and knew I needed some time to catch up, as well as relax and that’s just what I’ve done :-)


I think the blue skies and sunshine has done wonders for making me feel brighter in myself! Yesterday James and I had a walk to the shops and this morning I went out for an early walk too.


It was blissfully quiet and very relaxing.

James and I had a great evening on Friday, I made beef burgers:


I had mine with carrot and parsnip chips and broccoli along with some ketchup of course! Then for dessert I had a big bowl of cherries with full fat Greek yoghurt:


Then we watched some TV shows and a film. It was great to just chill out together!

I started Saturday with a porridge layer up:


Hot porridge sweetened with a little maple syrup topped with a chopped apple, Greek yoghurt and bee pollen. I love the hot / cold combo and this was very good. As I had noticed when I did my conscious living experiment, the oats didn’t keep me going for long. I bought a bag of apples when we walked to the shops and had a couple of those mid morning, they just hit the spot!

For lunch I made a really good salad. I wasn’t planning on having a salad, but this is a good example of listening to my body and going with what it was craving. I fried a burger leftover from the night before and crumbled it on top of cos lettuce, red onion and my home made pink sauerkraut. Then I made a dressing / thick dip with half an avocado, sweet white miso paste and some apple cider vinegar:


It was just so delicious!

Mid afternoon I snacked on a green smoothie and I even had my first iced coffee of the season!


Just cold coffee and raw whole milk, perfect!

I got caught up on loads of work and while I did that I popped an organic chicken into roast:


I can’t believe I used to be frightened of roasting a whole chicken! I just stuck some garlic cloves in there and used plenty of butter to keep the breast moist. I took all the meat off and the bones are simmering into stock as I type!

I wanted to save the chicken for lunch today, so for dinner I decided to roast some veggies. I just used the bit of fat left in the tin and roasted up a load of cauliflower and brussel sprouts. I topped them with lots of parmesan and a fried farm egg:


Then dessert was some kabocha ‘ice cream’ however it came out ‘snot’ coloured as James called it so I’ll save you that pic!

This morning has just been wonderful, as I was saying I got up and went for a walk then came home and made this lovely wrap for breakfast:


A coconut flour wrap topped with mashed avocado, honey, bee pollen and sea salt (I just roll it up and eat it) plus a couple of apples on the side, I just can’t get enough of them right now!

I also think I’ve got a new Sunday morning ritual of reading the Saturday papers with a mug of coffee. I did that last weekend and enjoyed it so much I’ll be making that a regular ‘me time’ routine. In fact I’m feeling pretty bloody marvellous this morning, I think those walks in the fresh air and making sure I have some down time have worked to make me feel less frazzled. Yesterday I also coloured my hair which was desperate and has made me feel much better too! I have also been feeling so much better about my body this week. Last week I was saying how I was not exactly feeling great about myself, but a week of eating good healthy food in decent portions, being active, and making sure I have some down time has worked wonders!

How has your weekend been so far? What things do you do to feel less frazzled?