Other than feeling poorly this week has actually been pretty great! One morning James told me to come into the kitchen to see the pretty sunrise:


Such a lovely view first thing in the morning! I think that tells you a bit about how early we get up ;-) I always think eggs are like sunshine on a plate:


This was breakfast earlier in the week, two fried eggs with a baked sweet potato and a little coconut oil.

With me feeling ill my eating has been really random. I mentioned that I’d had chocolate cravings earlier in the week but then I started feeling sick and all I fancied were smoothies! I’ve had a few green smoothies:


As well as some fruity ones:


That was an orange, blueberry and ginger smoothie and I’ve also been adding chunks of fresh ginger to the green smoothies too. I bought some three ginger tea and I’ve been living off that instead of my usual green tea. Ginger always makes me feel better when I have a cold!

I also craved salty carbs so I’ve been loving the Popchips!


A couple of more normal meals this week:


I’d baked some chicken breasts with Thai Red Curry paste and served them with roast cauliflower, steamed broccoli and spring greens. I love the roasted cauli! The spices from the curry paste also seems to be good when fighting a cold.


From right back at the weekend I had a couple of fried eggs with avocado, olives and peppers, yum!

I’ve also been making fruity ‘ice cream’ in the blender:


This was just frozen blueberries blended up with koco coconut milk and topped with coconut, so good!

I haven’t worked out that much this week of course:

  • Weekend – lots of walking in the sunshine!
  • Monday – Gym workout – 10 min cross trainer, plank, legs 10 min step machine, chest and biceps, 10 min bike, abs
  • Tuesday –  REST
  • Wednesday – Gym workout – 10 min cross trainer, plank, abs, 10 min step machine – abandoned workout after 30 minutes!
  • Thursday – REST
  • Friday – REST

I had gone to the gym on Wednesday morning, but I left after half an hour. Sometimes I think if your symptoms are ‘above the neck’ you can be ok working out, but there was just no way I could face the gym at the back end of the week. Lots of rest and TLC for me!

On the Love List this week…


We’ve been doing some more work around the office and I put this vintage British school map up on my wall. I got it from Paperchase and just love it! Also…

I finally read Caitlin Moran’s How to be a Woman, I highly recommend it, fantastic book! // getting out of my fashion rut // having the excuse of being able to laze about watching TV // my Uniquely Healthy clients having some great results //my leopard print pointy flats // my last coaching call with IIN before I graduate next month!

In case you missed it:

I definitely think that strong tasting foods with plenty of spice are good for me when I’m feeling ill. Of course they have lots of good stuff that can support your immune system, but I think the kick they give is what does the trick! I started to realise that I was craving sweet things quite a lot, but I think part of that was just because I couldn’t taste things very well and therefore was feeling unsatisfied. I’m so glad I’m feeling a lot better today!

What’s on your Love List this week? Any big plans for the weekend? The sun is shining for now so I’m happy :-)