This has been a real roller coaster of a week! I’ve had some awesome super productive happy days but then I’ve also had days where my motivation and energy has hit rock bottom. I’m really hoping that its hormonal so I’m just going with the flow. It has mostly rocked though :-)

This week I have been eating quinoa:


I had a strange urge to try it again and I’ve been loving it! That breakfast bowl was amazing and inspired by this recipe from Pinterest. I did cook the quinoa in a particular way so I’ll share that process and the breakfast bowl recipe soon.

I also enjoyed it in a salad with beetroot and goats cheese:


When is goats cheese and beets ever bad? This was lush!

I’ve had smoothies post gym:


Doesn’t it look like a latte? This was a sweet potato blended with vanilla protein powder, ice, cinnamon and koco coconut milk with a pouring of full fat coconut milk on top. Still like drinking smoothies from my giant mug :-)

I’ve also had some very pleasant snacks alongside the chia puddings:

PicMonkey Collage

Strawberries and cottage cheese and mashed banana with full fat coconut milk, yum!

Tasty dinners have included my staple week night fave of courgette spaghetti with a beef mince and veggie sauce, parmesan and basil:


Never get tired of this meal!

Workouts this week…

  • Weekend – lots of walking in the sunshine!
  • Monday – Gym workout – 10 min cross trainer, plank, legs 10 min step machine, chest and biceps, 10 min bike, abs
  • Tuesday –  REST
  • Wednesday – Gym workout – 10 min cross trainer, plank, legs 10 min step machine, back and shoulders, 10 min bike, abs
  • Thursday – REST
  • Friday – Gym workout – 10 min cross trainer, plank, legs 10 min step machine, biceps, shoulders, triceps, 10 min bike, abs

I really wanted to do some yoga this week but it just hasn’t happened. I was due to do some on one of the days when I was feeling like crap, and I just couldn’t face it as all I wanted to do was curl up on the sofa with a cuppa. I know that yoga may have made me feel a bit better but sometimes its best to listen to your body.

I’ve also been really pleased with my eating since I finished the experiment. Even though my moods have been up and down that hasn’t impacted on my food and I’ve still been able to be flexible and listen to my body without guilt. Some days I’ve craved carrots and apples, others a bit of chocolate, so its all good!

On the Love List this week…


Found this on Facebook and loved it! It definitely put a smile on my face :-) Despite some of the days when I’ve struggled there has been so many great things this week…

I’ve been given the task of decorating and adding finishing touches to our office at work, so excited! // lime and ginger tea and maple camomile tea // Chinese five spice pork stir fry (recipe coming!) // charity shop fashion purchases – more on that next week! // my simply wonderful Uniquely Healthy clients and seeing how much they are benefitting from the coaching // this great post from Laura at Ancestralize Me about body shape and feeling judged for how you look as someone in the health and nutrition field

Just a quick comment on that post, although its coming from a Paleo perspective I related to so much of it. As a ‘healthy living / lifestyle’ blogger and a health coach I often feel like I should look a certain way. I have to admit when I went down to London for the Gok Wan photo shoot I felt very paranoid about what people may think. I feel like most people would expect someone that is into health, fitness and nutrition to look different to me – i.e. thinner and more ‘ripped’. I know that I am way healthier at this size than I was when I was smaller, but that doesn’t stop those occasional negative thoughts. I need to remind myself that I would have killed for a body like the one I have now 6 years ago. I guess I would rather have an aspirational attitude rather than an aspirational body!

In case you missed it:

spring vegetable soupSpring vegetable soup!

Any thoughts on the topic of being into nutrition and health and feeling the pressure to look a certain way? Anyone else have up and down moods sometimes? So hoping this is my hormones kicking in! Any weekend plans?