Happy Sunday guys! Are you all watching the London Marathon? After doing the Great North Run twice and knowing how hard 13.1 miles is, I have so much respect for full marathoners! I used to love the idea of doing a full marathon one day but I’m not sure I’ve got it in me, although I did see one lady in her seventies doing it for the first time, so perhaps there’s hope for me yet!

It’s been a canny weekend in these parts, I especially enjoyed getting dolled up for my uncles 60th birthday party last night:


OOTD: floral blazer: Next, statement necklace: H&M via charity shop, black dress: Internationale, black oversized clutch bag: Warehouse, nude heels: New Look

It was so nice to get dressed up. I curled my hair and clipped it up for a change as well. I got a few lovely comments on that jacket, I bought it in the sale for just £8! In fact the whole outfit couldn’t have cost me more than £50 – the dress was just £10 and the necklace was from the charity shop. I also love those nude heels, they are massive and make me about 5’10!

On Friday night I made baked a couple of pieces of salmon – I made an orange ginger marinade with a bit of soy sauce and they tasted delicious. I had one with some stir fried veggies:


Then I had the other one in an amazing salad:


It tasted even better the next day! The salad included spinach, lettuce, sugar snap peas, asparagus, beetroot and orange and I made an orange and ginger dressing too. Proper lush.

This weekend its been all about the iced coffee:


Now that the sun is shining more often I need my coffee iced! One of my favourite things in the world is watching the milk swirl round in the coffee :-)

Breaka yesterday was similarly summery:


Melon, strawberries, greek yoghurt, flaked almonds, honey = perfection!

Cold blended things have also been enjoyed, especially as my throat has decided to get sore again!


Home made cherry sorbet (just frozen cherries and almond milk blended up) topped with raw chocolate sauce (raw cacao powder, water, stevia)

Last night when I got in from the party I made a big bowl of chocolate protein ‘ice cream’ with peanut flour sauce:


I haven’t had this in ages! I was tidying my cupboards last week and found a stash of peanut flour I’d forgotten about. So yum.

Yesterday I decided to pop to the gym seeing as I missed it at the back end of last week. I was feeling much better then but my throat is sore again so perhaps I pushed myself too soon. Anyway, I really enjoyed a walk to the gym and a sweaty workout. When I got home I made a lovely smoothie:


Frozen blueberries, frozen nectarine, vanilla protein powder, unsweetened almond milk and a little bit of ice topped with bee pollen. I also added a little vanilla stevia to this. I’ve realised that while I’ve got this cold thing I can’t taste food as well as I usually do, hence I’ve been craving sweeter things. A little bit of stevia has been making sweet things a bit more satisfying and has helped curb some of the chocolate cravings.

How has your weekend been so far? Is running a marathon something you’d love to do? I know a few of you have already achieved that amazing feat, respect!

Heels – yay or nay? I loved wearing my ‘stilts’, if only to drive James nuts as he find’s it weird when I am so tall, but I could not wear them all the time!