Yesterday afternoon I went for a brisk walk, it was lovely to see this cherry blossom tree in full bloom. So beautiful!


It’s a shame that blue sky has disappeared for today though!

We had been planning to go out this afternoon but when we woke up this morning we decided to just chill at home. I’ve been doing the cleaning and ironing while listening to my IIN lectures – one of the best ones so far from Annemarie Colbin, very interesting stuff! Yesterday morning I went  to see my cousin and bestie, we all had a natter and played with the kids. My best friend had her little girl, and my cousin her little boy a few days either side of my 30th birthday last year. They are both so cute!

Yesterday I roasted up a chicken, we have just had some for lunch today with a baked sweet potato, some steamed broccoli and a little butter:

Photo 28-04-2013 11 59 45

I have loaned my friends slow cooker and used it to make some chicken stock overnight, it worked wonderfully so I’m thinking I might have to buy my own slow cooker!

Photo 28-04-2013 11 32 03

This morning I for breakfast I made a mix of porridge oats, strawberries, flaked almonds, almond milk and some ground sesame and sunflower seeds:

Photo 28-04-2013 08 30 35

I have started seed cycling with the hope that it might help my hormone balance. I’ve been getting the seeds in each day my sprinkling them on the usual berries and yoghurt for my dessert:


You can find out more about seed cycling here – I’ll be sure to share my experiences with it as time goes on!

Yesterday’s breakie was some simple protein pancakes with strawberries and peanut flour sauce:


These are so filling, really glad that I found my peanut flour again, I’ve been eating it with everything!

Lunch yesterday was very tasty:


I had a salad with tinned salmon, finely chopped olives and jalapenos and balsamic vinegar with some wedges of roast kabocha on the side.

For dinner, I had a home made burger with roast cauliflower (mmm!) and some steamed greens:


I’ve really been enjoying my roasted veggies!

I’ve also been experimenting with some chocolate brownies and super easy microwavable chocolate cakes – with peanut flour of cause!

Have you used a slow cooker before? I’m definitely going to be on the lookout for one now, I’m thinking they would be fantastic for cooking beans and grains as well as meat dishes and stock. Do you have a favourite slow cooker recipe? Has anyone else tried seed cycling?