I’ve been in a serious fashion rut lately. I’m not sure if it’s the unseasonal weather, my changing figure or just my mood at the moment but every day I’ve felt like I’ve had nothing to wear! I love this quote from Caitlin Moran, I think it is spot on:

this happens often.source

I think part of it is that I’m starting to realise that I’m a 30 year old business woman – I want to be able to dress well but feel comfortable too! I’m also determined to be more savvy with my cash, especially with the changes in my career.

I’ve ended up buying a few pieces this last week which I hope will serve me well and give my wardrobe a bit of a lift.

First up, I did find a couple of little extras while I was shopping:

IMG_2969Black wide leg yoga pants, cute patterned bowl and Yes to Cucumbers shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair – all TKMaxx

I actually already own those exact same yoga pants, however they are amazing! They are the perfect fit and could easily be worn with some flats for during the day. I’ve had my other pair for about 3 years so was very excited to see them again in TKMaxx, as those ones are rather worn now. They are Calmia brand. I was well chuffed when I spotted the Yes to Cucumber stuff. I did try the whole no poo thing, but it just wasn’t happening so I’ve been looking out for another chemical free hair care option. When I saw these for £3.99 for a large bottle I couldn’t grab them quick enough! The bowl, well it was just too cute not to buy!

IMG_2975Cardigans in black, beige and green, jewelled statement necklaces – all H&M, necklace on the right from charity shop!

I love H&M cardigans and already had some, but let’s just say I grew out of those extra small ones some time ago! These will be great for layering with various dresses, t shirts and vest tops I have, especially while the weather is still cold. The statement necklace was rather a treat, I have loved statement necklaces for a while and feel like they are very much part of my style. I was over the moon when I spotted the one on the right in a charity shop! I had actually looked for it some time ago after seeing it on Pinterest but none of the H&M stores in Newcastle had it in. Score!

Speaking of charity shop buys, I was so happy with these bargains:

PicMonkey CollageNext wide leg denim linen style pants (£3.99), Topshop jacket (£5.00), M&S Autograph chambray shirt (£3.00)

I really don’t mind getting things from charity shops when they are from good brands like this. The trousers will be great for more casual days at work with some flats, the jacket will look great with all sorts of outfits and the shirt should work well over some black leggings with a bright skinny belt.

IMG_2954Black dress: Internationale (£10)

I’ve been without an easy to wear LBD for a while, and when I noticed this for just £10 in Internationale I had to grab it. I would not usually shop in Internationale, but it just goes to show what you can find! This could be dressed down for the day with a scarf or dressed up for evening with a statement necklace.

IMG_2964Cotton floral print tea dress: Oasis sale (£20)

I have a ridiculous number of floral dresses in my wardrobe but I often feel like you can never have too many! The ones I have tend to be a bit too smart to feel comfortable in day to day. This is a soft cotton that I can easily throw on with some leggings for work and perhaps a bright belt.

One last thing I’ve bought:

150aba0bb69ef0ccc53f0e89ac097349Green vintage dress: eBay

I just love green as I think it works well with my hair colour so I’ve been searching for a green vintage dress and found this one. I’m looking forward to seeing what it’s like when it’s delivered!

A big thing for me has been relearning what I look good in and feel comfortable in now that my weight has stabilised again. I guess I’m lucky to be fairly hourglass shaped but I’ve started to carry more weight on my bum and thighs becoming more pear shaped. Don’t get me wrong, I’m actually enjoying having a more curvy shape, definitely the bigger boobs and bum! I just don’t feel like skinny jeans do me any favours what so ever, maybe why I’ve been liking the wide leg and boot cut pants recently.

Do you ever feel in a fashion rut? Have you purchased any spring wardrobe updates? Would you buy from a charity shop?