This week I’ve been enjoying muffins!


I wanted something for snacks, so at the weekend I made some of my super easy coconut flour muffins but added grated carrot, cinnamon and some stevia for sweetness. They were fab! They are so healthy and low calorie you can enjoy two of them. They made a great afternoon snack and totally reminded me why I love muffins!

Workouts this week have been brilliant:

  • Saturday– Walk to the gym and then – 10 min cross trainer, plank, legs 10 min step machine, chest and biceps, 10 min bike, abs
  • Sunday – short walk
  • Monday – Gym workout – 10 min cross trainer, plank, legs 10 min step machine, chest and biceps, 10 min bike, abs
  • Tuesday –  I practiced these awesome slow burn push ups, then did Yoga with Adrienne Yoga for Weight loss on YouTube
  • Wednesday – Gym workout – 10 min cross trainer, plank, legs 10 min step machine, back and shoulders, 10 min bike, abs
  • Thursday – Gym workout -  10 min cross trainer, plank, legs 10 min step machine, triceps, arms, shoulders, 10 min bike, abs
  • Friday – REST

I decided to workout yesterday afternoon rather than my usual Friday morning so that I could get a fuller day at work in today. I also loved the Yoga workout! Big thanks to the Uniquely Healthy client who recommended this to me I loved it! Oh and the slow burn push ups are bloody brilliant as well, I certainly felt the burn!

Food has been pretty great this week as well, I was very happy to have hummus back in my life! I keep meaning to soak my beans and make my own but I haven’t got round to it so when I saw some on offer I decided to just buy it. This meal was so delicious I’ve had it twice this week:


A coconut flour wrap with turkey, hummus and spinach. Crikey that was so good! I made one with chicken instead of turkey as well, nom! I also used some in a salad with turkey:


I wouldn’t usually buy cooked turkey but I just had a fancy for some and it was delicious. I got the free range natural sliced turkey breast from Sainsbos, yum.

Breakas have included the usual eggs and sweet potato:


Eggs with avocado and strawberries on the side:


Last but not least a smoothie in a bowl:


This was spinach, mixed frozen berries, chia seeds, raspberry ripple Maxitone Definity protein powder, maca, ice and water. I topped it with a few frozen cherries and bee pollen.

Dinners have included some gorgeous Chinese 5 spice pork with stir fried greens:


The pork is super easy to make and tastes so good, even James is a big fan of it!

I also made some Indian spiced chicken:


Just chicken breast baked in the oven with garam masala served with a sweet potato and buttered veggies.

Of course frozen berries and yoghurt have been on the menu:


I changed it up for this bowl by adding some peanut flour and maple syrup, heaven!

On the Love List this week…


This week has been really good, as you’ll see in a mo, but mid week I had a bit of a wobble. I’ll talk more about it soon, but the situation with my amenorrhea is really getting me down. I’m so glad that I have an amazing best friend to help me through it, she is just wonderful and I can’t imagine not having her in my life. Also…

On Monday I tweeted BBC Radio 6 and they read my name out live on air! // pink nails // new health coaching clients! // pay day // doing a big grocery shop // getting my plank hold up to 2 minutes // getting excited about our trip to Brighton coming soon // sunny mornings

In case you missed it:

What’s on your Love List this week? Any big plans for the weekend? I think we have rain and thunderstorms forecast unfortunately! I’ll be getting caught up on some work and then on Sunday we are going to a charity music event which I’m looking forward to. Hope you have a good one!