I’m back in Durham after a flippin fantastic week-and-a-bit in Brighton!


You’ve already seen some of the delicious food I had in my WIAW post, but there’s more!


This is quite simply the best brownie ever! I had one last time I was in Brighton at Marwood Coffee shop. They also do a pretty good latte!

I also loved my Aunt’s lemon polenta cake served with Greek yoghurt and raspberry compote:

Photo 23-05-2013 19 08 03

I ate a lot more froyo too:


This was coconut flavour froyo with oreo cookies, yum!

A trip to Brighton would be incomplete without fish and chips:

Photo 21-05-2013 17 01 56

That fish was massive!

In a half arsed attempt to counter act the cake and froyo I did have a few fresh juices:


This was a mix of cucumber, carrot and apple juice. It’s really made me want to get back into juicing at home again – as soon as I give the juicer a proper clean!

One of my favourite meals in Brighton was this vegan Hickory Chick burger with sweet potato fries from V-Bites:

IMG_7838_zps23aae83fphoto thanks to Christina

I had lunch with the wonderful Christina from paperbagblog and I was very impressed with this burger. Christina’s partner had recommended this and it was amazing! I also met up with Lara for a cuppa:

PicMonkey CollageMe & Lara // Me & Christina

Along with meeting up with Tam last week, it was great to chat to such lovely ladies! It’s weird how you can feel like you know someone so well – I could have talked to all three bloggers (or should I say friends!) for hours on end and I can’t wait to meet up with them all next time I’m down!

Speaking of lovely ladies, my cousin Bea came down from London:


We had some good fun drinking wine, eating pasta and enjoying these desserts at Donatello:

PicMonkey Collage3Tiramisu that my Aunt and Bea had and the ice cream sundae with amaretti biscuits, amaretto and expresso that I had. It was as tasty as it sounds!

I mentioned briefly in my last post that I had another tattoo done…


I’ve always wanted a tattoo done in Brighton so that whenever I looked at it, I would remember all those happy times. I had a rough idea of what I wanted and on the off chance I popped into Into You to see if they had any appointments free. I was very lucky that the incredibly talented Paula Converse had a cancelation that afternoon so I got my little arrow and stars! I knew that I wouldn’t have time to get anything more elaborate done, and I’d had the idea for this a while ago so went with it. It’s on the side of my right wrist and I’m in love with it! It was great to have Paula doing the tattoo, I’m going to email her about getting something bigger and brighter next time I’m down. I can’t wait!

Overall we had a pretty rock tastic week – it was The Great Escape Festival the first weekend and then we went to see a couple more gigs during the week. I have drank so much cider it is ridiculous. Anyway, we did have a really weird experience one evening when the venue for one of the gigs was changed. We were given directions to a place under the railway bridge, when we arrived there was only about 2 people there and it looked well dodgy! However, 20 minutes later and we were sat, in what felt like some ones front room, watching Common Tongues:

PicMonkey Collage2

It was actually a little music studio and turned out to be a brilliant gig! James writes a music blog so we often meet the band after the gig. They have all been so lovely, I talked to these guys, Thomas J Speight (who is just a sweet hart, we met him at Kendal Calling last year) and Mo Kenney. Very rock and roll ;-)

I also did some shopping, but more on that tomorrow!

I’m missing Brighton already, but it has been nice to get home and settled. I was starting to crave some ‘Laura’ food – I really wanted green smoothies and chicken and vegetables!

If you ever get the opportunity I would highly recommend a visit to Brighton, here are some of our favourite hangouts:

I could probably go on, but these are our fave places from this visit.

Have you visited Brighton? Where is your favourite place to visit?