Finally the spring seems to have arrived!


I walked to a work meeting on Tuesday morning and spotted several baby rabbits, they were so adorable! It was so lovely outside I even treated myself to an M&S lunch to enjoy on a seat out in the market place:


It was very tasty and actually did keep me feeling full!

I did more experimenting with the slow cooker and made this delicious Asian Beef Stew:


I like keeping things simple so just used organic stewing beef, carrots, ginger, 5 spice, honey, soy sauce and beef stock then thickened it up slightly at the end with arrowroot powder. I served it with a pile of stir fried pak choy, cabbage and broccoli and some spring onion garnish. It was a fabulous meal, really looking forward to more slow cooker experimentation! I found this very filling as I served up a big portion of it.

I made a lovely mixed salad with random things from the fridge:


This included cannellini beans, tuna, red onion, carrot, courgette, olives and jalapeños on top of spinach. It was so filling and satisfying, I used to eat tuna bean salads loads a while ago and I’m glad to have re discovered them.

Lunches have featured sweet potatoes:


Topped with tinned salmon and spring onion, this is hitting the spot for me as far as lunches go at the moment!

I also made a wonderful big omelette for dinner one evening:


I roasted up some red onion, red pepper and courgette and filled the omelette with some goats cheese. Along with some steamed broccoli it was really good!

Breakies like apple cinnamon scrambles…


…and strawberries, Greek yoghurt, seeds (for seed cycling) and honey…


…have also been doing the job. I’ve had a bit of a different week to my usual routine with some meetings away from the office so I’ve needed breakfasts to keep me going from very early until well after 12 and these have been perfect.

Workouts this week:

  • Saturday– 40 minute walk
  • Sunday – Rest
  • Monday – Gym workout – 10 min cross trainer, plank, legs 10 min step machine, chest and biceps, 10 min bike, abs
  • Tuesday –  40 minute walk to work meeting and 40 minute walk back home
  • Wednesday – Gym workout – 10 min cross trainer, plank, legs 10 min step machine, back and shoulders, 10 min bike, abs
  • Thursday –  30 minute morning flow yoga YouTube video
  • Friday – Gym workout – 10 min cross trainer, plank, legs 10 min step machine, triceps, arms, shoulders, 10 min bike, abs

Now that (hopefully) the weather is on the up, I’ll be able to get out for more walks!

I also had another acupuncture appointment last night which was good – we’ve been talking a lot about nutrition and he’s been explaining some of the facets of Chinese medicine!

On the Love List…

I discovered Body Gossip and these awesome t-shirts via Fuller Figure Fuller Bust (which I came across via an article my friend emailed me about plus size fashion bloggers and the Evans campaign) and I think they are fabulous! Body Gossip is a social enterprise so all the proceeds from t-shirt sales go back into their work promoting positive body image. I’m going to be doing some work around body image in my community so I’ve ordered myself one of these t-shirts to wear when I’m out doing my thing! Also…< /strong>

Just incredible feedback from some of my health coaching clients // feeling like I’ve turned a corner // our redecorated work office – its looking fab! // strawberries // lovely text msg from my gorgeous sister // the hope of a sunny weekend // green smoothies with banana and peanut flour // getting reiki from my work colleagues

In case you missed it:

What’s on your love list this week? Any big plans for the bank holiday weekend? We are off to see the new Star Trek movie and have lots of plans to see friends and family, really looking forward to it! What are your most filling and satisfying meals?