Well I managed to get the time and date right for the cinema this time round! Star Trek was fantastic, both James and I really enjoyed it. Before the cinema I popped into Pret and got some popcorn:

Photo 11-05-2013 12 34 50

I love that sweet and salty popcorn, next time I’m going to buy a few bags to bring home.

Before the cinema we went to our fave cafe in Newcastle, Olive and Bean for lunch. I had a massive chicken and pesto salad with sunblush tomatoes:

Photo 11-05-2013 12 01 12

They were very generous with the pesto!

I also picked up a couple of things in town, including this dress from Topshop:



I’ve been keeping hold of a gift card I got from Christmas as I hadn’t seen much that I fancied but that dress is so me, I love it!

As well as the cinema and shopping I went to see my Mam, Dad, Grandma and best friend, so yesterday was a busy day indeed. After that I just chilled out last night. I made myself a Thai Green Kabocha Veggie bowl for dinner:

Photo 11-05-2013 19 21 31

I don’t know how I’ve managed to keep a kabocha squash for so long without eating it! This is one of my fave ways to eat kabocha and I had a real fancy for a curry so this hit in the spot.

Other meals from this weekend include a slightly random breakfast of a chopped apple and banana with a drizzle of tahini, honey and some coconut:

Photo 11-05-2013 07 39 01

It was surprisingly tasty and satisfying! This morning I made a coconut flour wrap with an extra egg in the mix, filled with mashed banana and peanut flour paste:

Photo 12-05-2013 07 18 15

I popped it back in the pan so that the banana was all warm, so delicious.

On Friday evening I had a lovely dinner with roasted veggies, chickpeas and feta:

Photo 10-05-2013 17 57 39 (1)

I have some leftovers for dinner later. I just love the colours in this and roasted peppers, courgette and red onion feels like quite a summery meal right now.

When I was in Pret getting that popcorn yesterday I also picked up a mini bar of dark chocolate with sea salt:

Photo 12-05-2013 09 50 13

I’ve tried this before and loved it so thought I’d get myself another bar. It’s a another perfect sweet and salty treat!

Today I just managed to have my Sunday morning coffee and newspaper chill time before getting my productive head on and doing the cleaning, catching up with IIN lectures and getting lots done before our holiday next week!

I also need to start packing some things, I looked in my wardrobe and realised just how many dresses I have! I seem to have a slight addiction, but I honestly think I there’s no such thing as too many printed tea dresses in my wardrobe ;-) Same goes for stripy t-shirts!

Do you have more of a certain type of clothing in your wardrobe? What was the last item of clothing you bought?