Yesterday I attended a Women in Business Spring Lunch Charity Event! Unfortunately rain was forecast for later in the day, but I did get to wear a pretty dress, although I had to pair it with ankle boots!

Photo 09-05-2013 07 12 49OOTD: dress c/o Great Plains, necklace: Topshop, tights: H&M, ankle boots: New Look

I was very kindly sent the rainbow drops dress to review from Great Plains. I’ve only worn it once before now as the weather hasn’t really been appropriate! I love this dress, I think it is super flattering and perfect for so many different occasions. I’m wearing a size medium and its a perfect fit on my size 12 / 14 shape. I also love the print, I’m actually thinking of getting it in the blue colour as well as its such a versatile dress! You can find it on the Great Plains website (with lots of other gorgeous dresses!) for £55 which I think is an excellent price for something which is good quality and could be worn again and again.

The Lunch itself was lovely. There was one really inspirational speaker – a women who makes a living doing voice overs recorded in her loft, she is the voice of London’s buses! The meal was ok – duck leg and vegetables followed by white chocolate cheesecake – that was delicious!

Workouts this week:

  • Saturday– Rest
  • Sunday – Rest
  • Monday – Walking – up to shops and along the Quayside, about 1hr total
  • Tuesday –  Level 1 of Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown via YouTube
  • Wednesday – Gym workout – 10 min cross trainer, plank, legs 10 min step machine, back and shoulders, 10 min bike, abs
  • Thursday –  Yoga For Weight Loss 30 minute workout via You Tube
  • Friday – Gym workout – 10 minutes on cross trainer, step machine and bike followed by some body weight exercises, plank jumps, push ups etc – cut this workout short as I spent too long talking to the girls in the gym!

I was craving a smoothie for breakfast on Tuesday morning but knew it wouldn’t hold me over until lunch time so I paired it up with some eggs:

Photo 07-05-2013 06 39 23

I made my strawberry and rhubarb smoothie and just fried a couple of eggs together in a small pan, yum!

I also had a breakfast of cottage cheese, apple, cinnamon and ground seeds:

Photo 09-05-2013 06 39 32

This would have been lovely but for some reason the cottage cheese was super salty, even for my taste buds! Most of it ended up in the bin :-(

This morning I made a fab chocolate cherry green smoothie in a bowl:

Photo 10-05-2013 08 26 48

This was blended spinach, frozen cherries, chocolate hemp protein, almond milk, ice and ground pumpkin and flaxseeds topped with coconut, chopped almonds and bee pollen.

At the weekend I had made a really gorgeous black bean and vegetable chilli in the slow cooker. I had cooked the beans in the slow cooker beforehand and then added some of them back with a load of veg:


I served it topped with Greek yoghurt as my avocados weren’t ripe, and it was fabulous! In fact this is one of my tastiest chilli recipes, I definitely need to make it again soon! You can get the recipe from the Uniquely Healthy newsletter.

Last night I made a salad full of some of my favourite things:

Photo 09-05-2013 17 50 52

Chicken, beetroot, avocado and hummus, just delicious!

On the Love List this week…

Photo 09-05-2013 06 53 47

Iced coffee! I am a bit of a coffee addict (something I’m going to have to address soon, although I don’t tend to have more than two cups a day) and as soon
as the sun shines I love making it iced. I sometimes brew up coffee and let it cool or just make it very strong and pour over ice then add a little almond milk and sometimes some vanilla stevia. I’ve also been making non caffeinated versions with Dandy Blend. Mmm! Also…

The sunshine, need I say more? // Skype chat with my good IIN friend Nathalie and making exciting plans to visit her! I seriously love her to bits, it’s crazy to thing we have never actually met face to face // being almost finished a big project I’m working on // raw brownies // BRIGHTON NEXT WEEK!!!

In case you missed it:

What’s on your Love List this week? Do you have any exciting plans for the weekend?

We are off to see Star Trek for real this time ;-) I’m also hoping to catch up with friends and family and get lots of work done before we go away next week.

Are you an iced coffee fan?

P.S Charlie from The Runner Beans is having a great giveaway offering the chance to win a Magimix Juicer! Check it out!