I have a lot of clothes. I am a shopaholic, and clothes are top of the list of things I enjoy spending my disposable income on. Add to that a vastly changing body shape and style over the last 3-4 years and I have had a lot of clothes that don’t work for me any more. Some of them I have given to charity, given to friends and family or put on internet bidding sites.

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However that can be a bit of a faff, which is probably the reason why I’ve had a bag full of old clothes stashed in the cleaning cupboard for the past 6 months!

There is a different option for selling your clothes and making some income from them, Music Magpie now also offers cash for clothes! You can sell your clothes very easily using this site.


There are many reasons why you might like to sell some of your old clothes, especially if you have lost or gained weight. I sold a lot of clothes when I lost weight, and since I became too thin and regained some weight, I have also sold clothes that are too small for me, which I have no desire to fit into again. Selling clothes can also create more space in your wardrobe, as well as raising some income if you need it.

The site seems pretty easy to use. You just enter the brand name of the item and what it is. For example I have a Warehouse Bolero to sell. Then you input the size, colour and material and you are given a price.


If you had clothes to sell, I would definitely see what price you would get for them from Music Magpie first. Depending on the item, and how many things you had to sell, this could be the best option in terms of the time you spend sorting them out versus the income you would make.

Have you tried selling your old clothes?

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