Happy Summer Solstice! I only wish it was bright and sunny so we could make the most of the longest day of the year. I’ve had another busy week, but I feel like I’ve been able to be very productive as well. I’ve fitted in quite a lot of workouts this week…

Photo 20-06-2013 16 47 37Hula Hooping in the training room in the office

  • Saturday – Rest
  • Sunday – 30 minutes light cardio at the gym
  • Monday – Gym – 10 mins cross trainer // squats + chest press // 10 mins step machine // deadlift + rows // 10 mins bike // sit ups + shoulder presses AND 30 minute Meta Fit style workout in the office with my colleagues
  • Tuesday –  Intermediate 30 min yoga class via YouTube
  • Wednesday – Gym – 10 mins cross trainer // lunges + chest flyes // 10 mins step machine // single leg deadlift and dumbbell pullovers // 10 mins bike // sit ups on stability ball, leg raises
  • Thursday –  Hula hooping workout in the office for 25 minutes
  • Friday – Gym – 10 mins cross trainer // spilt squats, push ups // 10 mins step machine // sumo squats shoulder presses // 10 mins bike // sit ups + lower back raises + leg raises

So I have still been loving hula hooping at work, but we also decided to do something a bit more sweat inducing with a meta fit style workout. I have never been to a meta fit class, but my colleague Donna has, and she said that what we did was very similar. We warmed up with hula hooping and stretches then did 1 minute rounds of different exercises like jumping jacks, push ups, lunges, high knees etc for 20 minutes. We were all sweating and exhausted by the end! My colleagues both really enjoyed it, they are both working on getting healthy and confident for the summer holidays and it’s been fun to do that together. We even have a matcha shot (c/o Mighty Matcha) each day:


Talk about team work! Seriously though, my job and the people I work with are amazing, we have such a great atmosphere and energy in our office :-)

This week I’ve been enjoying some lovely food. I cooked up a big batch of quinoa and have had that in a few salads, as well as a breakfast bowl:

Photo 20-06-2013 06 39 32

I had the quinoa along with some greek yoghurt, ground seeds and some stewed rhubarb I’d made. I love rhubarb, it makes me think of English summers!

Snacks have been good, I’ve been having pink lady apples accompanied by Munchy Seeds:

Photo 19-06-2013 14 10 00

Plus more of the brownies I made at the weekend:

Photo 19-06-2013 20 04 29

I made a little chocolate sauce to go on top after warming the brownie in the microwave. Delish!

Green smoothies have made a reappearance too:

Photo 19-06-2013 08 33 26

This was a blend of frozen banana, spinach, vanilla whey protein, mixed seeds, maca and unsweetened almond milk. Perfect for after the gym!

My fave meal of the week has to be my Chinese 5 Spice Pork:

Photo 19-06-2013 17 54 20

This is so easy to make! I just take two pork loin steaks (I trim the fat off) and chop them into bite size pieces. Then I pop them in a plastic bag and add a big tbsp of Chinese 5 Spice powder, 1 tbsp of honey and 2 tbsp of soy sauce or tamari, then squish it all up together and leave in the fridge. Then I fry it up in a little oil until crispy. I find pork goes really well with spring greens and courgette. So so bloody good!

Love List


I can really relate to that quote (from my Pinterest board) right now. Love it! Also…

This great post about air brushing – you HAVE to take a look at this. I knew about air brushing but this blew me away // iced coffee // an amazing reiki session // having some fab new projects in the pipeline // receiving some positive feedback from the guys that are trialling my Super Conscious Living Programme! // going to town and not spending on things I don’t need – I’m making progress // this post from The Middle Finger Project with 23 reasons why you should work for yourself. As a business woman (eek!) I loved this // one more link! The best cheap eats in Berlin from the fab Bruised Passports – we are looking to go to Berlin soon, plus I won their jewellery giveaway!

In case you missed it:

What’s on your Love List this week? How are you spending the longest day of the year?